Could parasites like that thing really exist?

Facts for democracy.

Facts are the basis of informed decisions in our democracy. Targeted disinformation is used to divide our society, spread hatred and possibly do business with it. One-sided or incorrect information creates distorted worldviews. As part of an international network of fact checkers, CORRECTIV.Faktencheck counteracts this and reveals false information and half-truths.

Our goal is to clarify how targeted false reports can be recognized and contained. We oppose division with facts and want to enable dialogue with our work. It's not always easy - hate messages, insults and threats are part of everyday life for our fact-checking team. But the work works: false reports are shared significantly less.

CORRECTIV.Faktencheck is an independent editorial team within the non-profit research center. CORRECTIV stands for investigative journalism. We bring systematic grievances to light and strengthen a democratic and open civil society. Make a contribution and support us with a donation!

What is fake? What is fact
It is becoming more and more important to be able to identify reliable sources and to classify serious information. The program of our online academy is aimed at schoolchildren and their teachers. Journalists are placed in schools across Germany in order to strengthen media skills in class. With online workshops and associated teaching material, the topics can also be worked on independently.