Biggest land owner in India

Peasants in turmoil - their movement brings unity and hope

Because the concerns of the farmers find broad support in various social movements, including the National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM), as well as some youth, women and workers' organizations. The movement enjoys attention and recognition for the committed participation of many volunteers, including women, for the free distribution of food, for the growing bond between farmers and workers, for overcoming the strict separation of religions, regions and castes. Country women are more respected. Overall, farmers feel more confident and dare to express their problems.

Combine pricing and greening

While this is a positive development, the movement lacks the urgently needed commitment to steer Indian agriculture into ecologically sustainable paths. Although this problem is becoming more and more urgent with the worsening climate crisis, the protest movement is concerned with getting legal guarantees that there will continue to be a state system of minimum prices.

The way to the future will consist in significantly reducing costs - in particular by reducing the dependency on expensive seeds, chemical fertilizers, plant and insect repellants, diesel, etc. - and at the same time relying on agroecology and ecologically friendly cultivation methods. Once the costs are lower, it becomes much easier to secure a fair price for farmers that is way above that. Therefore, the guaranteed prices should be linked to environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture.