Kiss biologically or culturally

»Alain Montandon's short and very entertaining cultural history of the kiss relies entirely on the variety of forms and meanings of its object. Fortunately, one-sided biological derivations are alien to the literary scholar. "

Jutta Person, literatures

“The kiss is a declaration of love for literature, which Montandon considers so universal that he quotes books from the 18th century as if their attitudes were universal. Strangely enough, none of that bothers you in the least. It is a pleasure to simply enjoy the text passages and Montandon's hit lists such as “one of the most beautiful kisses on horseback” (Théophile Gautier, Mademoiselle de Maupin). The book awakens the desire to read as well as to kiss "

Daniela Zinser, Berliner Zeitung

“It's a kaleidoscope. Alain Montanbon writes about gentle, delicious, greedy kisses, about chaste and stolen, about life-giving and death-bringing. His cultural history, written smoothly and succinctly, is a never-ending book. "

René Aguigah, WDR

»A translation of Alain Montanon's book The Kiss could only appear as a Wagenbach paperback, as this publisher in particular tries again and again to find titles that make segments of cultural history so accessible in an interesting and lively way that the reader believes it after just a few pages couldn’t give a more important topic in the world than the one just negotiated. "

Hanns-Josef Ortheil, The literary world

»The kiss is an archaic form to express closeness and distance, to absorb the taste and smell of the other, and at the same time highly culturally shaped. You're born a mammal, but you learn to kiss. Alain Montandon, French literary scholar, who has already published various works on the history of politeness, manners and the art of living, has published The Kiss, a small, readable text on the meaning and (literary) diversity of this sign. "

Franziska Meifert, testcard