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Donald Trump: Listen to him again

The rest is nice. She is doing well. Reliable news has been coming out of the White House since Joe Biden became President of the United States. Reliable because they are clear and correspond to a democracy in writing and form. To see Biden's politics critically, not to find them good or to question them is not excluded and also part of a functioning democracy. The Biden communications team also plays on social media reliably. Sometimes a bit funny, like the picture of Bidens kneeling next to ex-President Carter and his wife, sometimes a bit boring. But boredom has become a good attribute in political Washington and in the lives of many Americans. And that is understandable after four years as President of Donald Trump.

Who wants to live in permanent tension because the president can do or tweet something at any time that amounts to escalation? Who wants to be insulted, lied to and ridiculed? After Trump's presidency, which has brought democracy to the brink of collapse, as has been repeatedly stated, it was time to take a deep breath and be relieved. But not everyone breathed a sigh of relief and celebrated. Donald Trump is not just a person, he stands for an ideology in the country that has not disappeared. Just removing the Trump factor doesn't make America a different country at once. Nothing shows this better than developments in Trump's own party.

Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and one of the most powerful Republicans in the House of Representatives, spoke out in favor of impeachment proceedings against Trump in January. Many in the party saw it as an affront. Cheney, who has influence and a big name, just stayed in office. Now she has again publicly Trump and his "big lie"criticized the big lie about the stolen election. It was poison in the bloodstream of the Republican Party, she said during a conference, according to CNN. Trump crossed a line that should not be crossed before the storm on the Capitol on January 6th. Again they want to overthrow the Trump forces in the party. Cheney still holds against it. "We Republicans have to decide whether we opt for the truth and loyalty to the constitution," wrote Cheney on Wednesday in a post for the Washington Post. Cheney's fate will also show how strong the moderate conservative part of the party is and what future it will be GOP sees for himself. Trump called Cheney a "warmongering idiot who has no place in the Republican Party" on Wednesday.

In the US state of Arizona, the Republicans have meanwhile forced a count of the votes for the presidential election in the district around the capital Phoenix. There is no reason for this, various reviews of the results after the election did not reveal any discrepancies. The only reason for the recount is Trump's "big lie". That is the state of the Republican Party, which Trump continues to shape and shape. And that is the state of a not insignificant part of American society.

Anyone who travels through the country in the months after the election, leaves the liberal east coast and gets off exactly where people like to simply "fly over it" - in Georgia, Montana or Ohio - will hear what a Trump makes -free Twitter has fallen silent in certain circles.

The fear of being marginalized

The unwillingness to believe in Joe Biden's election victory. Refusing to recognize the corona pandemic or climate change for what it is. The fear of too much state. The uncertainty of strangers in particular. The fear of being marginalized in this America. Not just in social networks, but in life. Just because those who have exposed the lies of Trump and are in favor of a free, equal and diverse society find it incomprehensible and impossible, these people and their views do not go away. You are a part of the United States, and the Republicans' strategic direction shows that it is no small matter. The development of the conservatives is questionable because they are not only supporting the lie of electoral fraud, but are also driving the fatal division of the country forward.

On the other side of the ideological divide, no one needs to read every Donald Trump blog post. Not every email from him should automatically become a headline, just because it supposedly brings quota and reach. If Trump is allowed back on Facebook at some point, nobody has to follow him there. And networks and platforms like Facebook have to give themselves rules on how to deal with unconstitutional and inhumane statements. But just keeping your eyes and ears shut tight enough so that you don't notice anything of this world is not only naive, it is also negligent.

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The presidential election showed that a majority of the people want a different country than the one that Trump shaped. And Joe Biden has so far been determined, dynamic, reliable and thus the president the country needs right now. But it was also close for Biden. And not just because of the electoral system. Seven million voices difference is clear and unimpeachable, but not overwhelming. Biden's popularity ratings are not outstanding, he does not even convince the more than 74 million Trump voters to support him and his politics now. Nobody can do that right now. After taking office in 2009, Barack Obama had higher approval ratings than Biden. Although, from today's perspective, Obama is the much larger enemy. This also shows how much Democrats and Republicans have withdrawn to their respective corners.

There is no simple solution how to overcome all of this and begin the longed-for but distant healing in the land. The United States will never be able to return to its always exaggerated self-image of the best democracy and the freest society in the world. However, that does not mean that things cannot get better, that lies cannot be exposed and that people can no longer be convinced. But that also includes not simply ignoring Donald Trump and those who feel understood through him.