Doing crazy things with your best friend

BFF spoon list: 10 things you should definitely experience with your best friend

There are a number of things that simply become an unforgettable experience with your best friend. Just woman power. Here are ten things to do with your girlfriend.

1. Create a wish box and bury it

Yes, it sounds a little childish at first, but if you dig the box up again in a few years, you'll be happy that you did it! Make a note of your wishes, put them in a waterproof box and bury them in the garden or hide them in the attic. The moment when you read through your wishes together years later is indescribable.

2. Take a road trip through Germany

Without a destination, without a plan, just the two of you: spontaneously sit down in the car, bus or train and drive across Germany. Why wander into the distance, where there is also a lot of exciting things to see here? Dresden, Hamburg or a detour to Rügen: It is definitely worth it, is perfect for a weekend trip and you will notice that such a mini-trip away from everyday life welds together immensely.

3. Dancing in the rain

You can't be as crazy with anyone else as with your best friend. Don't get annoyed about the bad weather the next time it rains, but run out into the rain, sing, dance and be happy that you can do these little weirdos together.

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4. Spend a night outdoors

Even if camping is not your thing, you should definitely not miss a mild summer night outdoors. It is guaranteed to be a little scary, there are insects and in the end your friendship is even closer than it already was. And experiencing the sunrise together is a bit magical. (Tip: The mattress on the balcony is also good for the fearful rabbits!)

5. Fulfill a heart's desire

You've probably already given your best friend thousands of presents. But: do you know her absolute heart's desire? If so, do everything possible to meet it.

6. Go to a concert

Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran or the cool indie rock band - a concert visit together is a must! Roaring, shooting crazy selfies and really abdicating in the audience - it's not as much fun with anyone as it is with your best friend. Even better: going to a music festival together in summer. Music connects and makes the world a little more beautiful.

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7. Makeover

Item 7 of the bucket list requires a lot of trust, but that should be there among best friends, right? Put yourself completely in the hands of your BFF and let them make you your style. She can pick out clothes for you, put on make-up and - if you are very brave - also make an appointment with the hairdresser.

8. Design a photo album

Hardly anyone makes real photo albums these days. Change that! Sit down with your best friend, choose the most beautiful photos together, have them printed and then create an album with all your memories. It's going to be incredibly fun to work on, and in a few years you'll be happy to leaf through it together.

9. Make a pact

Why suffer alone when it's much less bad together? Be it that you are training for a half marathon or you want to learn Spanish for your next vacation, that you have always wanted to learn piano and yoga and have always postponed it: When you allied with your best friend and you tackle the project together, then the weaker self has no chance either. And suddenly the oh-so-big task is wonderfully easy and beautiful.

10. Assemble furniture

Of course, if you're not a skilled craftsman, it can quickly end in drama. But not with the BFF: So still dare to take on this task. Together you will make it and laugh at this experience for a long time. And a piece of furniture built in-house makes you a little proud. Rightly so!

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