How do I do applied ethics

Applied ethics

In all modern societies, ethical problems are gaining importance in public discussion and in professional practice. This is also shown by the number of participants in the nationwide, unique, extra-occupational, advanced master's degree in “Applied Ethics”, which the Philosophical Seminar of the University of Münster is offering for the ninth time.

Due to the special interlinking between theory and practice, the number of participants has grown steadily since the start fourteen years ago. In October 2020, 32 participants between the ages of 26 and 68 and with different professional backgrounds started their two-year course again.

The part-time course provides specialists and managers in many professions with an important additional qualification. It enables the participants to deal professionally with the complex ethical questions they are confronted with in their professional work. The aim of this course is to educate the participants

  • to familiarize yourself with the basics of ethical thinking,
  • to introduce the most important concepts and theories of applied ethics and
  • to enable them to carry out professional and thorough analyzes of ethical problems.

The program is aimed at people who are particularly confronted with ethical problems in their (current or future) professional life and therefore need appropriate skills. This applies to almost all areas of modern society, but especially to

  • healthcare,
  • Industry and services,
  • public administration,
  • Associations and political organizations,
  • Media and communication.

The course starts every two years. Application deadline for starting studies in October 2022 is the August 16, 2022. Admission takes place immediately after receipt of the application. Therefore, please note the number of free spaces in the adjacent table.