What was the name of Shrodinger's cat

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The name

The name Schrödinger's Cat refers to a famous experiment by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger from 1935.

The man

Erwin Schrödinger is one of the most famous scientists in Austria. The bon vivant led an open marriage and insisted on a grave in the picturesque village of Alpbach in Tyrol. His rejection of National Socialism was no secret. When Schrödinger won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his equation in 1933, he was already doing research in Oxford. Not until 1956 did he return to Vienna from Dublin to teach at the University of Vienna until his death in 1961. In the middle of the moving physicist vita, a cat meows and causes frowns and raised eyebrows to this day: is it alive or dead, the cat in its box?

The experiment

50:50 - the chances are that the radioactive material in the box will disintegrate within 60 minutes. If it does, the Geiger counter strikes, the hammer falls on the cyanide bottle, the poison escapes, the cat dies. That's the simple logic. So the cat is dead or alive. There is no intermediate solution. With his experiment, Schrödinger wanted to show that it is impossible to be alive and dead - that no particle exists in all conceivable states at the same time. No matter if unobserved or observed. In doing so, he opposed the so-called “Copenhagen interpretation” of quantum mechanics. This means that an object can exist in all conceivable possibilities within a physical system, but observation of the system leads to its collapse and forces the object to assume a certain state. That may be true for mini-particles, but a cat doesn't stick to the logic from Copenhagen.

And now

Schrödinger's Cat is a thought experiment that shows how timeless a keen mind can be. TV series such as Futurama, Doctor Who and The Big Bang Theory have taken up the experiment, as have authors Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Schrödinger wanted to show the researchers from Copenhagen the limits of their theory. Choose your logic so that it does justice to the situation - that was true in 1935 and it is still true.

And we

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