Why is my Samsung Galaxy S3 slow

Why is my Samsung Galaxy S3 running so slowly with 4.3?

This is because the update will not be performed if you reinstall. Samsung phones also have TouchWiz overlay on Android, which is a bit heavy.

To make your phone quick, do a full factory reset after a full data backup so you can restore everything! This would remove any clutter left by the update process. Always try to do a fresh install for a major update.

Mike Barnes

When I do a backup, all apps are saved along with their data. Do I have to download 4.3 again to revert to the current version?

Aadi Droid

You get Titanium Backup for the apps.

Young Baukema

Can confirm. I just did a factory reset on my S3 which was slow and reinstalled everything manually. Device is still 4.3. Impressive. Lots of speed. So faster.


It just gets really slow again after installing a few things. I'm starting to think that it was just a bad architecture of Android. Any phone if you install some background apps will get very slow.

Aadi Droid

I'll agree, the reason for this is because all the big players don't add an overlay to the Android code, they just change the core code of the Android framework itself to help with the enterprise apps! This in turn affects every app