What do Superman fans think of Batman?

These are the 12 best Superman fan films

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Fan films are a very special way of expressing admiration and have been part of geek culture for quite a while. A few of the homemade films about Batman, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Co have even achieved cult status of their own.

From humorous depictions of Clark Kent, to an animated homage to the old Superman cartoons, to an encounter between the Man of Steel and the Joker or the Terminator, these 12 Superman fan films with their patriotic flair and irresistible charm will find their way directly break into your heart.

There aren't many examples where you can see Bizarro live in action. In the short film by the Mancinetti brothers, however, the man of steel competes against his diabolical, pale clone. Fan movies are all about having fun and these three brothers seem to have really enjoyed working on their funny but engaging film. This can also be seen in the combination of exaggerated sound effects, classical music and costumes that are far too large.

For this Superman fan film with an Asian-American flair, Daryl Lim was both the scriptwriter and director, as well as responsible for the selection of the music. It's a cute story about Clark Kent traveling to a university in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to represent the Metropolis Daily Planet. During his visit there were all sorts of awkward encounters with the university's female staff. The film was made over six months, with the help of friends and family, without a single penny in budget. That’s real fan-film spirit!

Several Blinky500 films made it onto our list. In his film The Laughing it is about an interrogation situation between the clown Prince of Crime and Superman. The scene is reminiscent of a similar moment in Christopher Nolans The Dark Knight, but instead of Batman, the man of steel takes on the manic villain. The fact that the Joker visits Metropolis is an interesting set-up, because normally his evil machinations are limited to Gotham City. It is therefore very exciting to see how Superman reacts to his games and manipulations.

We love it when fan films venture into new territory and that is exactly what this short film does. It tells the story of a transgender woman who happens to meet Superman. It is a very well to the point and told from different perspectives description of what it is like to be an outsider - whether as a human or as an alien. Chris R. Notarile directed the film and shows an extremely sensitive side of Superman, which is often neglected in the films, but often shines through in the comics.

DGDX Animation is behind this exciting project in which the two Hot Toys action figures of Superman and the Terminator compete against each other. In this pearl of the stop-motion genre, Christopher Reeve's Superman and Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800 battle to stop Cyberdyne Systems from firing nuclear weapons. A really admirable work!

Be sure to check out this impressive short film! Avishai Weinberger made the film based on the comic Adventures of Superman # 14 from 2014, shot as part of his NYU studio course. The Joker traveled to Metropolis and planted seven bombs across the city. Superman meets the insane villain to hear his demands. The scene gives you the feeling of seeing a live play and in fact the entire film was shot and edited live. The work is good proof of how a film can stand out positively with dedicated actors and a clever script.

This short film from France was selected as an official DC short and is particularly noticeable for its high-quality production. Jonathan Kent and Lana Lang, Clark's great love, were both murdered. Clark Kent travels from Smallville to Metropolis blind with rage to get revenge on Omega Corp. He gets support from Batman, who stands by him in the fight against Darkseid. Batman also encourages him to become the hero he is and thus fulfill his destiny. With an excellent narrative speed and structured camera work, this film made it into the top half of our list.

Supermen World War 2018 is a very ambitious feature-length project. Donald Callahan is the director and writer and Kevin Caliber plays Superman. The film recently premiered at a private event and was partly funded by the proceeds of a crowdfunding campaign. The budget was $ 25,000. In the film, Lois and Clark work for the Press Corps in France during World War II. Lois and her photographer Private Donald Callahan are kidnapped by Nazi super soldiers and held hostage in Berlin. Superman must compete against Hitler's elite units to save them.

We can only be amazed at this wonderful fan short film. Director Robb Pratt created the film as a tribute to his beloved old Saturday night series and cartoons. The animated film is accompanied by the traditional classical music of the time and particularly highlights the voices of John Newton and his wife Jennifer. Believe us, you won't be able to see this movie enough!

Attention NSFW! Max Landis is behind this parody about the importance (and unimportance) of the world's first superhero. Landis pukes a few drinks over the absurdity of the character and his portrayal in the comics and films. He is surrounded by a crazy team of cosplayers who depict his theory that Superman is actually stupid. In fact, there are some real points to be found in this hilarious short film. And with 3.3 million views, a few other people seem to think so too.

The director Gabriel Sabloff has created an effective fan film, the focus of which is Dick Grayson. He tries to follow in the footsteps of the Dark Knight, who died a tragic death. An aging and fluffy Superman is supposed to get rid of the defector Grayson. This encounter ends in an epic fight on the beach, in which the Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman and Green Lantern, among others, have a guest appearance. Superman as an evil and gray alien who throws an armed team car through the area, many fans would surely really like to see on the big screen. The stunning pictures and the great editing are further reasons why this film made it to number 2 with us.

One of the best Superman fan films on the internet! This excellent short film was written by the rising talent Kacey Baker, who also directed it. Some of the topics that are still very hot today are taken up in the film. Troy Honeysett plays Superman / Clark Kent and Rupert Rainieri appears as Batman / Bruce Wayne. For a fan film, the actors are phenomenal, especially the portrayal of Christian Serge's Joker. An admirable project full of passion. Someone in the holy halls of Hollywood should take a closer look at Baker's work and give him a budget to work on more great films!