Is John Legend a Liberal

I don't sing for Donald Trump

John Legend (37) likes to forego a great honor.

Performing for a president at the inauguration is a career highlight for musicians like the R'n'B ('Ordinary People') singer. Beyoncé (35, 'Helo') sang the US national anthem in 2013 for Barack Obama (55), but Donald Trump (70) will likely be on stage alone. At least that's how John Legend sees it:

"Creative people tend to reject bigotry and hatred," he said on the BBC. "We tend to think more liberally. When we see someone who extol the division and the hatred and the bigotry, they won't get a lot of creative people to connect with them."

Following Trump's election victory in November, the inauguration team is hard at work finding artists. Rumors circulated that Elton John should perform, but were later denied. "They call managers, agents and everyone in town to see how they can get it. It's problematic," an insider told The Wrap, who also knows that some artists have already agreed to perform, with they hope that "artists like Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars" will overflow into the Trump team.

Country star Garth Brooks is likely to appear at the inauguration, and there are rumors about Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Lee Greenwood, too. John Legend will definitely not be able to win Donald Trump over.