Why doesn't Kanye vote

Kanye West: About showering

Kanye West recently announced that he would run in the US presidential election. He'd said that five years ago, but it was quickly forgotten - Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in the White House, it seemed as absurd as Donald and Melania Trump. Then came 2016.

In any case, Kanye West seems capable of longer-term plans than one would have thought given its history of confusing tweets and utterances. Apparently he has also thought about his candidacy for at least a few minutes: his slogan should be "YES!" hot, his party birthday party.

The really interesting detail, however, is that West said he got the idea for the candidacy in the shower. In that respect, the shower is a mythical place. A few years ago, a scientist found that 72 percent of people would say they had good ideas there. His assumption: because the noise of the shower fades out all everyday noises and you come to rest.

Unfortunately, if you’re honest, you’ve never heard of any of these good ideas. Which may be due to the fact that they were just not that good after all, which is at least debatable in the case of West's idea. Or it's because it's just not true.

So why should one say that anyway? One suspects that the phrase "I get the best ideas in the shower!" wants to emphasize one's own genius by naming a place that is as mundane as possible, keyword: height of fall. While you were shaving your legs or rubbing in the anti-dandruff shampoo, the brilliant thought simply flew to you quite casually and without any effort. You make yourself small to appear taller: I'm productive in the shower even naked! The fact that the idea usually pops up in a quiet moment in the switched-off mind, because one has pondered something beforehand in endless conferences, sounds less sexy.



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Speaking of less sexy: Joe Cocker has the idea, the song With a Little Help from My Friends Covered by the Beatles, had to go to the bathroom. So maybe the shower is just a white lie to politely hide an even more profane, quiet place as a think tank. A consideration that should not be underestimated: The violinist David Garrett, he said in an interview, had an idea for his 2015 album in the toilet. The album is called Explosive. If only he had just said "shower".

By the way, Kanye West has canceled his candidacy for 2020 again. Unfortunately, it is not known where he got the idea. But it must have been a really good place for good ideas.