Super Mario 3D World is fun

Super Mario 3D World in the test: Double the fun with a mustache

It only takes a few minutes and we find something extra and instead of wearing a classic plumber's costume, we jump through idyllic landscapes as a yellow kitten.

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It doesn't usually go that fast with the special objects, but we should be fine with the test of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury.

The cumbersome title suggests: We get two games at the same time for the Nintendo Switch in one box or with one download. One is the carefully modernized and expanded new edition of the jumping fun released in 2013 for the Wii U.

The other - Bowser's Fury - is a completely new game that lasts around eight to ten hours. We make the choice between the two titles in the main menu, both are available from the start.

And: In both titles Mario is usually the focus, and in both we get a kitten costume surprisingly quickly. In Super Mario 3D World we choose the levels using a world map.

The actual game takes place with a given camera position. We jump through eight worlds, the offer ranges from cozy green to the desert.

In Bowser 'Fury, Mario travels in a partially open world. The plot revolves around arch villain Bowser, who is angry and keeps throwing lava stones at us. We see the character from a successful mixture of shoulder and bird's eye view.

It feels immediately familiar and we had more fun than the sometimes difficult to assess perspectives in Super Mario 3D World. Apart from that, both games are about overcoming obstacles, eliminating known opponents in a familiar way, looking for secrets and completing extra sections.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury [Nintendo Switch]

A special feature in Bowser's Fury is Bowser Jr., who flies next to Mario and is controlled either by a human teammate or the AI. He collects coins, makes extras visible and attacks opponents. If you don't want the latter and want to run it yourself, you can switch this function off.

Super Mario 3D World: The section is done at the flag. (Image: Nintendo / Screenshot:

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is only available for Nintendo Switch and costs around 55 euros. The screen texts are in German. In addition to the single player mode, Super Mario 3D World has a new co-op mode with up to three friends, locally or online. The program has been approved by the USK for ages 6 and up.


When testing the two games, we got stuck in Bowser's Fury longer and preferred to get stuck in Super Mario 3D World. We had a lot of fun in the open world and the somewhat wilder scenario with the angry villain, and the game just looks fresher.

Of course, the new edition of Super Mario 3D World is also a great title that always offers wonderful gags and surprises. Even those who already know the classic will be well entertained here.

Both games could be described as almost perfect for what they each aim to be. It is then all the more noticeable that, especially with Super Mario 3D World, the camera sometimes has problems conveying a sense of perspective. As (relatively) often as here we have rarely been with Mario before unintentionally past blocks or jumped into opponents.

Despite this - depending on the level - sometimes more, sometimes almost non-disturbing problem: For the foreseeable future, the two games are likely to be by far the best adventures around our favorite plumber.