What ten things make a firefighter unhappy?

Not again court ballet! Make fire fighting exercises interesting

Training can be fun - so away from the typical training service in the courtyard of the fire station. We give you tips on what you should consider when planning your exercise and how you can get creative.


"Attack troops to fight fires!"

Comment from Olaf Preuschoff, editor of the fire department magazine and fire department trainer

Practice evening, the group leader steps in front of his team: "Attack troop for fire fighting ...!" Everyone in the fire fighting group thinks in unison: “Orrr, don't take the first pipe over the four-part ladder to the first floor again!” You already know the way through the window of the classroom on the first floor by heart. And the attacking team has to imagine the fire behind it again and again. Meanwhile, bored water and hose troops lay the required lines. But don't give water, you want to be ready on time at the end of the evening. Completely under-challenged, the machinist first catches one.

Do you know that from your fire brigade? Obviously, a train exercise cannot be done every working evening. And scrap cars for technical assistance are also not available indefinitely. There are also handles that just have to be right. Yes, even at night and half asleep. And yes, nobody can hear this sentence that has already been said so often. But at the latest when the room fire on the first floor, which has been practiced a hundred times, turns into the dramatic rescue of people from the second floor and the extension ladder is suddenly to be used instead of the extension ladder that is usually used - then some people wish that the last time, not just out of convenience two ladder sections and without water on the nozzle would have been practiced.

Something else!

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The 5 W‘s - basis of exercise planning

Fire brigades can use the five "W‘s" of the emergency call as a guide when planning the exercise, which can be modified as follows:

  • What should be practiced?
  • Where should you practice?
  • How should be practiced?
  • Which unit is practicing?
  • Who is in charge of the exercise?

You should clarify this with a special signal before the practice drive

Alarm drives make exercises come across much more realistic and increase the attention of comrades considerably. But be careful, you should pay attention to a few things beforehand.

  • What is the purpose of the practice drive with the use of special rights and rights of way?
  • Can this purpose also be fulfilled without special signal travel?
  • Which vehicles are absolutely necessary for the success of this practice drive? And which ones could move up without a special signal?
  • Who has to know about the practice drive or who can approve the use of special rights and rights of way?
  • Has the approval been given in writing?
  • Which machinists and managers are actually available for this training run?
  • Do the emergency services really need to be alerted from home / work without knowing about the exercise? Are there alternatives?
  • Who checks at the fire station that only experienced machinists sit behind the wheel?
  • Is it possible / useful to at least inform the machinists that it is only a practice run with special rights / rights of way?
  • Which route should the emergency vehicles take? Are there any particular dangers along the way?

In ourSmall exercises series we present fire brigade exercises for easy implementation by the fire brigade service. you are easy to implement and ideal for imitating suitable.

In the meantime, over 80 articles have been published, which we have put together in seven downloads.

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Makes it more exciting: generate competition

The group leader gives the group the order: Get the team and equipment ready for action! Everyone should prepare so that, in their opinion, everything is in its right place. Then he lets the water troop sit on the seats of the attack troop, the attack troop stands in front of equipment room 1.

Both teams should now properly equip themselves to use respiratory protection. The rest of the team watches and records mistakes or things done right. The team that is the first to be ready for action and, above all, fully equipped at the rear of the emergency vehicle wins. All respiratory protection wearers are rated by the other group members.

This exercise also creates security and speed, errors that occur again and again, such as a visor that is kept open, are eliminated. Very important: accident protection. Even if things have to happen quickly, accident prevention regulations must never be overridden.

Fire brigade exercise Example: competition in the dark

In the dark and cold season, the comrades are usually not unhappy about practicing in the fire station. The same was true of FF Schönwalde (Barnim district, BB).

That is why the deputy OWM Markus Funk came up with the idea of ​​setting up a practice course in the completely darkened vehicle hall. The stations could only be mastered with the help of a thermal imaging camera.

The stations included:

  1. Node,
  2. Attaching roller glides to the wheel,
  3. Coupling a suction line,
  4. Filling a container with oil binding agent,
  5. Rolling a C-hose,
  6. fill a certain amount of water with the bucket syringe into a container,
  7. Starting a generator,
  8. "repark" raw eggs with a hydraulic spreader,
  9. Use the pedal cutter to cut a set length from a threaded rod.

In order to prevent accidents, the last exercise was completed with lighting. The teams had a time limit of 2 minutes for each of the stations. Then the result was checked and points were awarded.

Structure of the fire brigade exercise idea

Competition with WBK: Construction-1

The forces had to complete a total of 9 stations in the dark, only equipped with a thermal imaging camera. Photo: FF Schönwalde

“Everyone was there with full commitment, especially since the thermal imaging camera is not used that often,” says Andreas Tschätze, equipment manager at the FF. The precise handling of the larger equipment should also be trained. Of the eggs obtained in large quantities, only four did not survive the procedure.

“Everyone tried hard and the results were respectable. Above all, it was a lot of fun, ”remembers Tschätze. The team with the most points received a small present at the next service meeting.

Do you need more suggestions?

Video tips

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