How happy are poor people too

Rich people make other things happy than poor people

It is an age-old question with innumerable answers: How do people become happy? Prosperity offers itself as a possible answer - but is that true?
A study by the University of California at Irvine dealt with this and revealed the following:
Rich people are not necessarily happier than people with less well-filled purse, write the two authors Paul Piff and Jake Moskowitz. Surveys have already shown that.
However, the rich would be happy differently. They felt different emotions, according to the results of the study.
► People in the upper class were more likely to feel emotions related to their own ego. These include satisfaction and pride.
“Rich people draw good feelings from their individual success and status,” says psychologist Piff of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.
► People from the lower classes, on the other hand, felt more passion and love for others than positive emotions. The researchers conclude that people with less money are more likely to be happy through their fellow human beings.
“This shows that less well-off people have found a strategy to feel meaning, joy and happiness in their life despite adverse circumstances,” says Piff of the “SZ”.

This is how the study was conducted

The two psychologists Piff and Moskowitz evaluated a representative study with 1519 Americans. Then they asked the participants about their household income in order to divide them into 19 different social classes.
► The researchers examined a total of seven positive emotions: pleasure, awe, passion, contentment, enthusiasm, love and pride.
► For each individual emotion there was a question: “I feel more satisfied than most people”, was the question for satisfaction. Then the participants could indicate whether that applies to them or not.