What are the benefits of enchiladas

Make enchiladas yourself - this is how the Tex-Mex rolls succeed

What's even better than a filled tortilla? Right, lots of filled tortillas - gratinated in a hot sauce and gratinated with a lot of cheese - so enchiladas ... mmhhh. You could say, somehow, the Texan-Mexican variant of the Italian cannelloni: instead of pasta, tortillas made from corn flour, which are also used for the well-known, crispy tortilla chips, are filled, rolled and placed close to each other in a baking dish to cuddle. On top of that, instead of the classic tomato sauce, there is usually the fiery sauce variant with chillies. Hot out of the oven, a real Tex-Mex classic that is second to none and can be made quickly and easily.

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Enchiladas - what kind of roles are they and where do they come from?

All of Mexico in one casserole dish - that's how you could also call enchiladas. With typical spices such as cumin and paprika, hot sauces and classic cornmeal flatbreads, they combine the most famous flavors of the country. From Central America, the spicy rolls with a wide variety of fillings have spread to the United States and have become a real classic of Tex-Mex cuisine that is also known and loved here. Similar to burritos, the filling consists of various specialties.

Already knew? In Mexico City, the scalloped rolls are also called Enchiladas Suizas - 'Swiss enchiladas' - known. These then usually have one light sour cream sauce, one classic roux or Tomato sauce made from green tomatillos. So that these are particularly soft and creamy, are often used for the rollsWheat flour instead of the corn flour tortillas typical of enchiladas for use. You can already do it in this formfor breakfast enjoy, filled to the brim with scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages.

Even more Tex-Mex knowledge:

Tacos also consist of tortillas made from cornmeal. They are once folded in the middle and filled. Flat, topped corn tortillas are called Tostadas. Chalupas on the other hand, they are boat-shaped and go into the deep fryer before serving.

Be for burritos large, soft, warmed tortillas made from wheat flour used. you will be Served warm, filled, folded and rolled. They are closed all around, while enchiladas remain open on the sides.

For Quesadillas 2 large, round tortillas are placed on top of each other and with Vegetables, meat and cheese filled. Then put them in the pan until the cheese melts. They are quartered and put on the table.

Smaller wheat tortillas that you fill yourself at the table are Fajitas.

The filling - what goes into the enchiladas?

Basically anything can be used as an enchilada filling. Most often, however, meat is used: traditionally enchiladas are included Chicken stuffed, but also beef, in the form of minced meat, is very popular. Enchiladas are also common with chilli or a filling braised vegetables. Is always there too gratedcheesemelting in the oven between the tortilla and the filling. There are also various when serving Side dishes as well as delicious Dips and sauces.

Tortilla, sauce, cheese - this is how the hot rolls become real enchiladas

For enchiladas become medium-sized corn tortillas filled first, then rolled and Doused with chili sauceto then put them in the hot oven to be baked with cheese.

The 3 golden enchilada rules:

The right tortilla

Be used for enchiladas slightly smaller tortillas as used for burritos. They also consist of Corn instead of wheat flour and are thus something coarser in structure and bright yellow.

A good enchilada chili sauce

It usually consists of tomatoes, many spices like garlic, cumin, paprika, sugar, oregano, cayenne, onions and of course chilies. It is also popular for enchiladas mole - a brown, thick sauce made from chillies and cocoa. If you like it less spicy, treat your enchiladas to a bath in sour cream or light bechamel.

Cheese that melts

If you want to enjoy the full enchilada, it is better not to resort to low-fat cheese - it does not melt properly and is not much fun. Classic Gouda cheese is best for gratinating. Or a mixture of Gouda and Cheddar cheese. They melt well and get nice and crispy in the oven.

Filling, pouring over, baked - the basic enchilada recipe

A knot in your head for all the tortillas? No problem, it all sounds more complicated than it actually is. Knowing how, enchiladas with fruity chili sauce can also be made quickly at home:

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Side dishes and sauces - that goes well with the baked Tex-Mex roll

In addition to the spicy enchiladas, various side dishes, sauces and dips serve as refreshment and filler. These end up on the plate particularly often:


Rice is the absolute classic in Mexican cuisine and is a welcome addition to the spicy enchiladas.

Black beans

Black beans fill you up and, thanks to their smoothness, soften the spiciness of the chili sauce for a sensitive palate.


Salad always works - refreshing, crispy and cool, ideal with the hot oven rolls.

Sour cream

Sour cream is part of almost every Tex-Mex meal. Creamy and refreshing, it goes perfectly with gratinated enchiladas or warm burritos.

Bean jam

Bean puree is classically Mexican and is made from black beans or kidney beans, oil, onions and lime juice. As a side dish or vegetarian filling, perfect for hot enchiladas.

Homemade guacamole

Homemade guacamole from buttery soft avocados is great as a dip.

3 hot enchilada varieties

Chicken, sea food or do you prefer vegetarian? In addition to classic ground beef, these delicious fillings provide variety in the casserole dish: