What does Wendys do with leftover food

In eternal memory of our closest friends


Gone by us

and yet don't forget !!

A bridge connects Heaven and Earth.
Because of the many colors it is called the bridge of the rainbow.

On that side of the bridge lies a land of meadows, hills, and lush green grass.

When a beloved animal on earth has fallen asleep forever,

it goes to this beautiful place.

There is always something to eat and drink there,
and it's warm, beautiful spring weather.
The old and sick animals are young and healthy again.
They play together all day long.

There's only one thing, that they miss.
They are not with their people
who loved them so much on earth.




So they run and play together every day
until one day suddenly one of them stops and looks up.
The nose trembles, the ears stand up, and the eyes get really big!
Suddenly it runs out of the group and flies over the green grass.
The feet carry it faster and faster.

It saw you

And when you and your special friend meet
you take him in your arms and hold him tight.
Your face is kissed again and again
and you finally look happily into the eyes of your beloved animal,
That has disappeared from your life for so long, but never from your heart.

Then you cross the bridge of the rainbow together,

and you will never be apart again ...
















completely unexpectedly, Mini fell asleep forever on October 19th ...

when feeding everything was still ok and later when we wanted to bring her in, she didn't want to come in yet ...

Mom found her curled up in a bed outside ... she fell asleep peacefully !!!



Unfortunately, Kira, almost 15 years old, fell asleep forever


Watson dark from the Hausruck Shelties


Indigo from the Hausruck Shelties

It's terrible when you have to leave so soon

I hope we'll see you little man again behind the rainbow bridge.

I miss you !! and you will always be remembered !!




Cora v.d. Hausruck-Shelties

On Monday, June 12th In 2011 we had to redeem our Cora at the age of 15.

She had an organ failure ..

didn't eat anything or couldn't keep anything anymore

and she felt really bad that day

the vets couldn't help her any more, just like Wendy .. it was going too fast for her too.


Here you can find her page and her agility successes


In memory of Gloria and Jimmy

Gloria and Jimmy have unfortunately already died.

Many thanks to their families for sending us some nice photos of them.



Jakira v.d. Hausruck-Shelties

Jakira crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 30th, 2010 ... much too early.

She misses her family very much, including her little friend Balou!

a common goodbye picture

Roy Black called Balou and Jakira




Cindarella v.d. Hausruck-Shelties called Cindy


Cindy had a minor stroke in July .. I thought I would lose her then.

But we decided to give her another chance

she was still so fit and vital, the test results looked good for a 14 year old ... she soon felt better again.

But in the first week of September she was not feeling well at all .. she ate very slowly or almost nothing and was almost only in her bed.

On Monday 6.9. have we redeemed them from their suffering ..: - ((((


this is yours page and here on their agility page




Gwendy from the Hausruck Shelties called Wendy

Grazia and Wendy the 2 sisters are reunited


Wendy was not doing well today.

She was doing very badly, could almost no longer walk and then only a few steps, she didn't want to eat anything and what she had eaten she couldn't keep to herself.

at the vet it was found that her liver and kidney values ​​were almost no longer detectable, and her pancreas was not working properly either.

We didn't want her to suffer. She was 12 years old and since the last litter with the caesarean section she has never really recovered

It was difficult for us but we still had to let her go today.

We know that our oldies had to leave us at some point, but that it always goes too early and too fast: - ((

Wendy's sideOf course there are also their agility results






Oliva from the Hausruck Shelties called Fiffi

On August 8th, 2008 we had to let our little mouse go over the rainbow bridge, she was only 4 years old.

We can't even believe that it really happened, 4 weeks before there was nothing and all of a sudden ..

Fiffi had inexplicable abscesses all over her body, from where, why, nobody knew what .. after the umpteenth ultrasound examination they found something in the ovary that was removed with an operation. She was doing better again, we were happy that things are now looking up. Unfortunately, her condition worsened again and she had to go to the clinic again, where more lumps were found in the stomach after a gastroscopy. Hope hopeless ..

Fiffi gave us 2 wonderful litters, in them our little mouse lives on - they all inherited the special nature of their mother. Anyone who knew Fiffi knows what I'm writing about.

Fiffi's sideremains online of course ..



Karla floriansky lom CS called Karla

Karla came to us at the age of six ... and from that day on it was all over for us, through her we got to know and love this great breed. Karla was our regular bitch without her the Hausruck Shelties would not be what they are today! We are very grateful to her for everything .. 15 1/2 years is a long time, but for us it passed much too quickly.

Click here to go to Karla's page, there aren't many photos, but she lives on in our hearts !!

Karla urli Grandma take care .. we'll see you again ..

greet Boomer, Grazia and Kendy from us in the land of the rainbow bridge !!


Scandyline little Venturer called Kendy

On January 5th, 2008 we had to take a step that one doesn't like to take, but it had to be done.

here it goes to his own side which we will not change after his death either

We are very sad that our Kendy grandpa is no longer there, but we are very proud that we have had so many wonderful offspring from Kendy. A very special heart lives on in them, everyone reminds us of him. Our Shelties would not have been so unique without him !! THANK YOU for everything .. Kendy Grandpa we'll see you again !!




from the Hausruck Shelties


A goodbye forever

Grazia wasn't just any bitch, she was something special ...

Austrian champion, a successful athlete and always in a good mood. Unfortunately, we only noticed too late that she was seriously ill. I was on the podium at an agility tournament 2 weeks before. On Mondays we had Grazia examined by our vet because she started to cough. He did ultrasound, X-ray and and ... finally he was sure it was cancer,

she had a tumor in the right heart valve that had already radiated. Her lungs were white, so she could hardly breathe. On Sunday she felt very bad and we drove to the vet to relieve her from her suffering.



The last photo together with her dad and daughter


We are very happy that we are Grazia's daughter Nala

have with us. She is very similar to Grazia. Although no one can replace Grazia.

Everything about Grazia




In memory of ours


born June 1991, died February 2005


We had Boomer on 02/14/2005

put to sleep, he was already very sick.

Couldn't walk and stand properly anymore

even if it was a very difficult step

it was best for him.


I hope where he is now he doesn't have any

Pain more

and he can hurtle across the fields again without pain.

Boomer I think about you


Here is his short résumé ...

We got Boomers from Wels through the animal welfare association. He weighed 18 kg, was 3 years old and 38 cm tall. The owners still had 2 Shelties that they kept like pigs in the garden. The dogs dug caves and were given leftover food.

Of course we took him with us on the spot.

When he got home, he immediately got into the bathtub and brushed it through properly, which he clearly enjoyed. After 2 hours of work, the giant is out Ball of yarn a cute Sheltieoriginated.

After about 5 months we had also lost 6 kg, which was not that easy at the beginning.

Because he ate almost everything, starting with the tit dumplings that were hanging on the bushes! Everything was included up to the Christmas tree candles.

He also accompanied me, when I was at school, on a hiking day, which he visibly enjoyed, here a sausage there and a small biscuit. He had a lot of fun with the other children, wherever he showed up, Boomer was the focus.

With age he didn't feel so well anymore, his legs didn't carry him so well and when it was very cold he preferred to lie next to the stove, where it is very warm.

But !!To go for a walk!! was always his passion

Boomer wasn't as fit as he used to be, but he always wanted to be with us and the crazy chickens /Hausruck Shelties chase across the fields!?!



Baby boomer and here with 5 years

March 2004





In memory of

Baquero Black from the Sheltiemühle

gen. Jerry

    Bes. Susanne Schulze "of Cherryglen"

died August 2005

He is the father of Cindarella and Cora,

the grandpa of King Lucky, Pamina and Phelipe

He will always be connected to his Sheltie family and with his being he has strengthened the Hausruck Shelties a lot.




In memory of

Delegate of Cherryglen

gen. Dajm

   Bes. Synve Lundgren

died June 2006


Dajm was a wonderful dog ..

he loved to work with the sheep, he also cut a good figure in agility.

He was Austrian champion

in the ring nobody made him what before he knew that he was the most beautiful.

Unfortunately he is only 5 years old.


Dajm will be remembered by all of us

In 2005 he gave our Nala 4 beautiful puppies, Speedy will always remind us of Dajm !!



In memory of

more Hausruck Shelties

which their owners miss very much


Apollo v.d. Hausruck-Shelties

gen. Charly

blue merle

M: Karla florisanski lom CS

V: Haleff vom Wolfstein

Eika v.d. Hausruck-Shelties


M: Karla florisanski lom CS

V: Borderline Country Harvester

died in a traffic accident

Gamira v.d. Hausruck-Shelties

blue merle

M: Angie from the pony farm

V: Scandyline little Venturer

Gigolo by Hausruck-Shelties

blue merle

M: Angie from the pony farm

V: Scandyline little Venturer


v.d. Hausruck-Shelties


M: Cora v.d. Hausruck-Shelties

V: Japaro nightwatch man

died in a traffic accident

Henry v.d. Hausruck Shelties

called tiger


M: Karla florianski lom CS

V: Anthony Dancing gold of Working Clountry

died of a bad infection