What is a black eye

Black Eye - Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

A simple black eye is one Bruisecaused by bleeding under the skin near the eye is caused. Since the skin is thin and sensitive at this point, an effusion on the eye is much more pronounced. In the most common cases, a black eye isn't a bad thing and disappears after a few days. However, it can sometimes be an indication of a more serious injury to the eye or head.

Usually, a black eye doesn't just happen. As a rule, those affected know it before it occurs because it occurs Result of an external influencehow is bruise, blow, or bump. In some cases the bruise is immediately visible, in others it develops over a day or two.

Symptoms of black eye

The following symptoms can occur with a black eye:

  • Pain and swelling around the eye
  • yellow, green, blue, purple and black discoloration around the eye
  • ruptured blood vessels in the white area of ​​the eye

A black eye can be a Sign of Serious Injury be. For example, a bad skull fracture can cause a black eye on both sides. An injury to the head should therefore always be very serious taken seriously and examined immediately.

A simple violet can be cooled with an ice pack. This can help reduce the swelling and internal bleeding by blocking the blood vessels. Pain pills can also help alleviate the symptoms. However, care should be taken with which tablets to take, as some can increase bleeding. The idea of ​​putting a steak on the eye, in the style of Sylvester Stallone in Rocky, should be discarded. It would be a shame about the good steak.

Of course you can't prevent accidents, but there are certain situations in which you can Take precautions should to avoid a black eye. That is why you should take appropriate protective measures or wear protective goggles for all major work in and around the house.

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