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Yellow headlights: allowed in Germany?

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From, last update on: May 17, 2021

Yellow headlights: This is what the road traffic regulations say

The Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), not to be confused with the road traffic regulations (StVO), regulates very precisely, what lighting must be present on the car. The height, alignment, color and intensity of headlights for high and low beam are precisely defined in Section 50.

Already in paragraph 1 it is clearly stated: "Only white light may be used to illuminate the roadway." Yellow headlights not permitted. Nevertheless, there are vehicles on German roads whose lane lighting clearly has a yellow cast. You can find out how this happens and in which cases yellow light can be used in this guide.

FAQ: Yellow headlights

Is it allowed to have yellow headlights on the vehicle?

No. Headlights must shine white in accordance with legal requirements. Yellow lighting is not allowed when it comes to headlights. Fog lights are an exception. These may light up yellow.

What fine is there if yellow headlights are installed?

Drivers who are driving with yellow headlights or who wrap their white headlights in yellow have to expect fines of between 20 and 35 euros. You'll find more about it here.

Which lighting regulations have to be observed?

The StVO and the StVZO stipulate how the lighting on vehicles must look. Section 50 StVZO is particularly important here.

The fine calculator for lighting on the vehicle

When are yellow headlights or yellow lights allowed on the car?

Tuning on the car is a popular hobby for many men. Who for aesthetic reasons yellow tint film or yellow light want to have on the car, must strictly adhere to the StVZO.

Some tuning fans decide to wrap their headlights in yellow themselves, others prefer to use a yellow light bulb. However, yellow headlight film is for the lane lighting expressly prohibited, it does not correspond to the permissible lighting. However, there is light on the car that is not used to illuminate the lane.

It's not just forbidden, yellow light on the headlight through a film to create. Headlights are not allowed under any circumstances covered or dirty be. Transparent car films on the lighting are also being used Warning money of 20 euros after yourself. The police may also insist that you do not use the vehicle until the film has been removed.

The exception: yellow headlights for heavy fog

Headlights for fog form one exception of § 50. In contrast to yellow dipped beam, yellow ones are used Headlights for fog not the lane lighting. This is why yellow fog lights are allowed, but yellow low beam lights are not. In heavy rain, blowing snow or thick fog, yellow light is used to illuminate the Reduce glare.

Every driver knows that, for example, in thick fog, the normal lane lighting on the car can do little. Most of the time it even has the opposite effect and reflects the light. The Drivers are blinded visibility does not improve. Yellow light reduces this effect and may therefore be used for such purposes.

That means, fog headlights may or may not be yellow. White light is also allowed. Foiling headlights in yellow is still forbidden. If you want yellow fog lights, you are not allowed to use a yellow headlight film. It must be type-approved headlights. If you are unsure whether the headlights you want to install are approved, check with the TÜV.

Incidentally, has not every vehicle has fog lightswhich is perfectly permissible. If they are available, they must also be functional, otherwise there is no TÜV.

“Selective Yellow” - yellow light on the car according to EU standards

Fog lights can be yellow, but not every yellow is allowed. To ECE regulation Number 19, only a certain yellow is allowed. The so-called ECE regulations are an agreement for the Standardization of technical regulations for wheeled vehicles, equipment and parts that are installed in wheeled vehicles.

“Selective Yellow” was originally also allowed for conventional road lighting, including normal headlights. Since ECE regulation number 48, this has been limited to headlights for fog. Yellow light softens blue and violet light componentswhich, for example, cause the dazzling effect in fog. "Selective Yellow", compared to other shades of yellow, improves the reduction of the glare effects by about 15 percent.

Because there was no German standard when this regulation was introduced, the English term became established. The German translation “Selektivgelb” is used less often.

Do yellow headlights result in a penalty?

The tuning of headlights is strictly regulated. The reason why the color and intensity of headlights on cars are so strict in the StVZO is that the vehicle lighting is in the Orientation in traffic helps.

Other road users must also in poor light conditions or at night distinguish can see if there is a car moves towards them or drives in front of them. Section 50 (1) StVZO states:

"Only white light may be used to illuminate the roadway."

Yellow headlights are prohibited, however yellow fog lights do not draw any penalty after yourself. This is because these are permitted according to StVZO, but yellow headlights are not. There is no driving ban or points in Flensburg for this violation, but you have to expect a fine.

The amount of the fine depends on whether other road users were endangered. Foiled headlights, regardless of the color, are considered covered. The fine is between 20 and 35 euros.

  • The vehicle's lighting system was covered / dirty: 20 euros
  • The vehicle's lighting system was covered or dirty, which caused others at risk: 25 euros
  • The vehicle's lighting system was covered or dirtyAccident:
    35 euros

If you still don't want to do without tuning, you simply have to use the Approval number respect, think highly of. Every lighting installation must be type approved. When you buy a part for your vehicle, it usually has an approval number that provides information about in which countries it is approved under traffic law is.

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Yellow headlights: allowed in Germany?
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  1. So the following: The TÜV does not accept yellow, no matter how. But I drive regularly
    with a 100 watt light yellow H 4 lamp. Lalülala has not caused any trouble.
    In rain and wet, just great and otherwise a good picture. You can too
    take the H 4 gold, but unfortunately only 60 watts. The old French with yellow
    Cap is absolutely not legal. The light output is simply insufficient. In which
    I have fog lights white glass and yellow H 2 lamps… ..

  2. Yellow is not the same as yellow and the subjective perception of an official is not relevant. In the EU, only the upper limit is defined, which is 6000k. However, light from 5000k is already assigned to the blue color spectrum. For comparison, a screen is normally set to 10,000K, this blue is not white and would not be permitted in traffic!
    The color spectrum white is therefore permissible between 1500 and 6000k. 1500k corresponds to candlelight.
    The blue xenon is not white, but it is permissible! Beware of unfounded claims.
    Every yellow pear with a certification mark is permitted if it can be assigned to the white color spectrum. And apparently also when it is outside of this spectrum with 5000k +!

    Funny, is not it?

    Did you know that the front windows including the windshield can also be tinted? Again nobody knows, but the only thing forbidden is foiling it because of the formation of bubbles. There are processes that are permitted, such as 'painting' or vapor deposition. Registration required, but permissible ...

    I don't even start with the main and secondary profile of the tires.


    • Hi @ ’Qwerty‘ how I see you know your way around 😉
      I read about dipped headlights and fog lights everywhere. During the inspection today, my daytime running lights would be criticized for being yellow. It is not, my pears have no ECE approval and for that reason not allowed but also forbidden ???