Do you like horses

Do you like horses then this is the article for you.

There are many horse breeds in the world, e.g .:

American Quarter Horse




German Riding Pony




Icelandic horse

Shetland pony

And much more…

I think Haflingers and Hanoverians are very comfortable when riding. You have 3 gaits: walk, trot and gallop.

The Icelandic horses are so cute and they have 5 gaits: walk, tölt, trot, gallop and racing pass.

Explanation of the gaits:

For all horses

Step -> is slow "walk"

Trot -> is like jogging for us

Gallop -> is fast, "run" (run)

 For Icelandic horses only

Tölt -> is between walk and trot

Rennpass -> is very quick to "run"


What are horses used for?


For riding and sometimes for car races


Pull to the car, carry other things

The behavior of horses:

They are beautiful, nice, sweet, scary, stubborn, fearful animals.

Like humans, horses have feelings and every horse has its own personal characteristics.

Size of horses:

The smallest horse in 1978 was just 12 inches "tall".

The tallest horse was Remington with 8 inches.

Weight of horses:

The heaviest horse was 1.78 m tall and weighed 1200 kg.

The lightest horse was 35.5cm tall and weighed only 9kg.