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The Bible in the standard translation


The Book of Judges, chapter 5


The Debora song

Ri 5.1Debora and Barak, the son of Abinoam, sang this song that day:Ri 5.2That leaders led Israel / and the people showed themselves ready / for this praise the Lord!Ri 5.3Listen, you kings, listen up, you princes! / I want to sing in honor of the Lord, / I want to play in honor of the Lord, / the God of Israel.Ri 5.4Lord, when you set out from Seir, / as you came from the grassland of Edom, / the earth trembled, the heavens poured out, / yes, water poured out of the clouds.Ri 5.5The mountains shook before the gaze of the Lord [that is Sinai] / before the gaze of the Lord, the God of Israel.Ri 5.6In the days of Shamgar the son of Anat / in the days of Jael the ways were deserted; / Anyone who was on the way had to make detours.Ri 5.7Inhabitants of the open country no longer existed / they no longer existed in Israel / until you rose, Deborah, / until you rose, mother in Israel.Ri 5.8New gods had been chosen. / There was no bread at the gates. / Shield and spear were no longer seen / among the forty thousand in Israel.Ri 5.9My heart belongs to Israel's leaders. / You who are ready among the people / glorify the Lord!Ri 5.10You who ride on white donkeys / who sit on carpets / who pull along the street sing!Ri 5.11Listen, they cheer between the potions; / there they sing about the saving deeds of the Lord, / his helpful deed to the peasants in Israel. / At that time the Lord's people went down to the gates.Ri 5.12Up, up, Debora! Up, up, sing a song! / Rise up, Barak, / bring your prisoners home, / son of Abinoam!Ri 5.13Then descend / what is left of the rulers of the people. / May the Lord descend / with me among the heroes.Ri 5.14They went down from Ephraim into the valley, / behind them Benjamin and his troops; / The guides descended from Machir, / from Zebulun those who held the scepter.Ri 5.15The princes of Issachar together with Debora / and like Issachar also Barak, / carried into the valley by his feet. / In Rubens districts / people thought for a long time.Ri 5.16Why do you sit between the hurdles / and listen to the flute by the herds? / In Rubens districts / people thought for a long time.Ri 5.17Gilead stays across the Jordan. / Why is Dan staying with the ships? / Ascher sits on the seashore, / stays calm in his bays.Ri 5.18Zebulun is a people / who risk their lives / Naftali also on the heights of the field.Ri 5.19Kings came and fought / then the kings of Canaan / fought in Taanach, by the waters of Megiddo, / but they did not spoil silver.Ri 5.20The stars fought from heaven, / from their orbits they fought against Sisera.Ri 5.21The brook Kishon washed them away / the famous brook, the brook Kishon. / My soul should appear with power.Ri 5.22At that time the horses' hooves stamped / in the hunt, in the chase of the stallions.Ri 5.23You are to curse Meros, / says the angel of the Lord. / Curses its residents; / For they did not come to the help of the Lord, / to the help of the Lord of heroes.Ri 5.24Blessed be Jaƫl among the women, / the wife of the Kenite Heber, / blessed among the women in the tent.Ri 5.25He had asked for water, she gave him milk, / she served cream in a splendid bowl.Ri 5.26She stretched out her hand to the stake, / her right to the blacksmith's hammer. / She slew Sisera, crushed his head, / struck, pierced his temple.Ri 5.27At her feet he collapsed, fell down, lay there, / at her feet he collapsed, fell down. / Wherever he collapsed, there he lay destroyed.Ri 5.28Sisera's mother looks out of her window / and complains through the bars: / Why does his carriage slow to come / why does the hoofbeat of his teams hesitate?Ri 5.29A wise one from her princesses answers, / and she herself repeats their words:Ri 5.30Make sure they make and share booty, / one or two women for each man, / booty of clothes for Sisera, / booty of clothes, / for my neck as booty one or two colorful shawls.Ri 5.31So all your enemies perish, Lord. / But those who love him are like the sun / when it rises in its power. Then the country was quiet for forty years.