When will they find Jimmy Hoffa

Translation of "Jimmy Hoffa" in Polish

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Jimmy Hoffa, Chapter 299, Teamster Union.
Bo jestem związkowcem. Jimmy Hoffa, 299 oddział Związku Kierowców.
Your past is even more obscure than the case Jimmy Hoffa.
Your past was a bigger secret than the damned one Jimmy Hoffa.
He says to Peter: "You said Jimmy Hoffa wasn't up here. "
Podchodzi do świętego Piotra i mówi: "Never again, że jest tu Jimmy Hoffa."
Maybe he'll tell us what he's using for a pack of cigarettes Jimmy Hoffa has made.
Może jeśli kupimy mu paczkę fajek, to powie nam, co zrobił z Jimmym Hoffą.
You can call me for murder Jimmy Hoffa get it.
you will be Jimmy Hoffa find ... before they find humpback whales.
I mean, before we find heroin here, we'll find it Jimmy Hoffa. Right?
I have to Jimmy Hoffa drop?
Is that really from Jimmy Hoffa?
He's probably looking for something in a subway tunnel Jimmy Hoffa.
Since the discovery of Jimmy Hoffa, A meteor hit the earth.
Of course you would have a better chance for a question / answer session Jimmy Hoffa, but whatever.
I} Wiadomości z Waszyngtonu, prezydent Ford ... {Y: I} ... wydał nakaz powołania komisji Olimpijskiej.
Ms. Dunbar, if you are alluding to the small world phenomenon, you could Jimmy Hoffa and mention the Pope.
Panno Dunbar, jeśli chce się pani bawić w sześć stopni separacji, proszę dorzucić Jimmy'ego Hoffa i papieża.
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