How should I use a weight gainer

What is a Weight Gainer? Experience of taking for hard gainers and soft gainers

Whether in sport, in preparation for bodybuilding competitions or just to get a muscular beach body - many men are looking for ways to increase their body weight or their lean body mass. Many people believe that the foundation for a muscular body is laid in the gym.

Weight gainers for hard gainers

But they are wrong. The most important factor and key to having a dream body is diet. A weight gainer, for example, helps you to provide the necessary high-quality nutrient protein for muscle building *. Of course the body has to go through one targeted strength training get the stimulus to build new muscles. But without the right building materials at the right time, no amount of intensive training will help.

Weight gainers are especially for that so-called hardgainer interesting as a supplement. You always have a problem with getting enough nutrients through your normal diet, as it is with one extremely fast metabolism equipped and the daily calorie requirement is extremely high. You can find out below whether you belong to the hardgainer type.

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What is a hardgainer?

As an interested fitness athlete or bodybuilder - in his early days - one meets again and again Term of the hardgainer. Because he is always consulted or brought into the discussion when it comes to the intake of calories, nutrient structures and weight gainers. Because the weight gainer is taken to increase the amount of calories and therefore the question to be answered here is what the hardgainer is.

The term hardgainer?

An athlete is a hard gainer if he cannot gain weight despite high calorie intake. Practically it takes over the daily diet above-average number of calories to himself and yet he can neither gain fat nor muscle mass. A classic case of a hard gainer!

What some dream of is a bitter reality for others. And in my personal contact with many of those affected, I find time and again that it is a pretty tough lot for most of them. Because this fast metabolism, with which the hard gainers are equipped, also ensures a corresponding body structure. Most of the time they are relatively slim and have few muscles.

Muscle building is difficult for hard gainers!

Hard training without building muscle

Despite hard training, they can hardly build muscle mass and have to fight bitterly for every 100 g of muscle gain. Weight gainers for hard gainers have been designed precisely for this target group. If you have a stomach or no problems gaining weight, then you should definitely keep your hands off a weight opponent - especially for hard gainers.

For you there might be a so-called Gainer for soft gainers suitable. Because of course the sports nutrition industry has come up with something for this target group and the so-called Weight gainers for soft gainers brought on the market.

These are designed differently from the macronutrients and ingredients combination! And to people who gain weight easily. However, it doesn't make sense to me personally, because if I gain weight slightly, then I should do it through my diet and not through a powder. but that's only my personal opinion.

An exceptional situation could of course be if you are on the road for a long time during the day and then take a shake with you. But that should be the exception rather than the rule.

The hardgainer is usually with the Body type ectomorph blessed. While endomorphic and mesomorphic body types have little to no problem gaining mass, the ectomorphic body type is recognizable by a slender, slender appearance with few muscles and a gaunt figure. A classic hardgainer.

What should the hardgainer consider in his diet?

Gainer with a lot of carbohydrates

The hardgainer is a little different than the average athlete. Because he can without any problems very high in carbohydrates and even has to do so if he wants to gain weight. Of course, the hardgainer should also make sure that the calories are out complex carbohydrates and not just from simple sugars.

However, with the hardgainer you have to admit that even a larger amount of simple sugars in the form of so-called bad foods is suitable to increase the daily amount of calories.

Because I personally know people who despite 5000 calories / day over several weeks not a single gram gained to have. And that with a moderate sport and exercise profile. I personally checked that on the scales and couldn't believe it at the time. Weight gainers were developed precisely for this target group. Because what sounds great for people like us, namely eating 5000 kcal or 6000 or 7000 kcal a day, is a burden for hardgainers. And it would be a burden for us too if we had to do this every day.

If you don't believe it, you should give it a try. After two days at the latest, you are fed up with food and you are happy when you no longer have to eat high-calorie foods. That is why we recommend using hard gainers two weight gainer shakes a day start and increase this number continuously until you see weight gain on the scales.

In the following supplement plan you will find the instructions for the correct intake of a weight gainer (for hard gainers). We generally advise other people not to use it.

Supplement Plan - Weight Gainer Intake for Hard Gainers

PeriodShakes a daytimeGoal increase
1 week2 shakesMorning and meal window500 g
2 weeks3 shakesIn the morning and 2 meal windows500 g
3 week4 shakesMorning and 3 meal windows500 g
Explanations of the Supplement Plan

In week 1 we start with two shakes a day. The intake is in the morning and in a meal window. The target gain is 500 g after one week. If the target gain is not achieved after the first week, then we move on to week 2 with three shakes per day. This is repeated until a weight gain of 500 g is reached in one week.

Definition of the meal window: a meal window describes the period between two meals of the day. As an example of an athlete who has lunch at around 1:00 p.m. and then doesn't eat a meal again until 6:00 p.m. Here you choose exactly between these times the time at around 3:30 p.m. to drink your shake. The goal is a continuous supply of carbohydrates, proteins and fats throughout the day.

Further information on the Supplement Plan

Always with you in the shaker

This is done in weekly cycles. So you start week one with two shakes a day and then check yourself on the scales at the end of the week. If you have gained weight, you have found your personal income guideline and can continue like this. If you have gained too much weight, you reduce the amount of weight gainer powder in the shakes.

If you haven't gained weight, increase the number to three per day in the third week. Then the whole thing repeats itself with the weight control at the end of the week. So you keep increasing the number of shakes and the food you have gained, if possible, until the scales show a weekly weight gain of at least 500 g. Then, in our opinion, you should keep your diet and the number of shakes that way and slowly and continuously build muscle mass.

Ideally, the Shakes between meals be taken. So whenever you have a time window between meals, take the shake exactly in the middle of the time window. The exception is in the morning. Here you have your breakfast and then the shake shortly afterwards.

What is the difference between a weight gainer and pure protein powders?

Normal multi-component protein

Weight gainers are something different in composition than normal protein powder. They clearly contain more calories, Proteins and carbohydrates per serving than traditional shakes.

A mixed shake usually delivers about:

  • 500-1000 calories
  • 40-60 g protein
  • 50-150 g carbohydrates

As a supplement, they are usually a little more expensive than normal protein powders. This is due to their composition and the amount of powder used for a shake.

A weight gainer is a dietary supplement and should be used that way. It doesn't make sense to only eat shakes.

The normal diet is the basis

The most important step in building a muscular, lean body is planning and consistently performing one basic healthy nutrition plan. Once this step is done, you can start adding a high quality weight gainer and increasing your calorie, protein and carbohydrate intake to ensure an increase in lean body mass.

When should you have a shake?

There are two times when it makes sense to take it:

  • Immediately after training and
  • 1-2 hours before going to sleep
Depending on the calorie requirement, one of these two times, or both, can be selected for consumption.

What Makes a Good Weight Gainer?

The best supplements are not necessarily the most expensive. As long as it is ensured that the ratio of proteins to carbohydrates is around 1: 3, that there are not too many simple sugars and that the calories in a prepared shake does not exceed 1000 kcal, nothing speaks against a slightly cheaper product. Always pay attention to valuable additives that are contained in very high-quality gainers.

A sensibly planned basic diet, supplemented by a high-quality protein powder mixture and a sensible training plan with sufficient regeneration times, are the key to a lean, muscular body.

But beware: Weight gainers are designed for rapid weight gain. If the shakes are not properly considered in the overall planning, you quickly end up with a few pounds too much on your hips and a new training goal in the gym.

How Often Should You Take a Weight Gainer?

So that the intake is correct, the weight gainers should best be taken up to 3 times a day. Usually be Powdered gainer used. These are simply mixed with water or milk and drunk. The ideal times to take it are before training, after training and in the morning. On days when there is no exercise, two shakes are usually sufficient, preferably in the morning and in the afternoon.


When taking it, you should also pay attention to your body weight so that a stomach does not develop as well, if the weight gain per month should not be more than 2 kilograms. Due to the balanced ingredients of the weight gainer, the body does not gain too much fat if not too many total calories are supplied and the training is designed accordingly. In the mass building phase, however, a slight increase in the percentage of body fat is normal, as there must always be a sufficient excess of calories.

Weight gainers are particularly suitable for hard gainers - but also in the right composition for soft gainers. The remedies usually consist of 50 to 70 percent carbohydrates and 10 to 20 percent protein.


  • * Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass
  • * Proteins help maintain muscle mass

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