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Is there some way to load doubleclick.net ad tags onto document.ready? - javascript, jquery, html, google-dfp, double-click advertising

I tried loading ad tags but the ads weren't showing.


JavaScript (requires jQuery)

The script will display correctly in the generated source code, but the ads will no longer load. Does the script need the document.ready event? Could there be some way to load this script just before document.ready - or retrigger document.ready?

PS: I prefer to use the "Sync" tags over the "Async" tags because "Async" creates an iFrame which is then no longer flexible in width / height when third-party networks are displayed dynamically.


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Try this

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Check your JavaScript errors, most likely this is an issue with downloading the script asynchronously. I am sure. This is in the script by double-clicking (downloaded from the link you provided:

A document.write no longer works since the document is finished. The DOM document is already closed. You need to specifically add the code to an element in your DOM, which you cannot do with document.write. For this to work you either need to double-click and change each document.write to something that appends the code to an element on your page, or asynchronously load the code (including the script) into an iframe.