Why is Battlestar Galactica leaving Netflix

Another Life pumps Netflix full of sci-fi clich├ęs and sports briefs

Anyone who prefers to find out more about sports underwear after watching the latest Netflix series has either not understood the series - or the series has nothing more exciting to offer. Another Life is the name of the latest show of fit bodies in narrow spaceship corridors. That doesn't have to be a bad thing per se, but beyond that, the science fiction series only offers a single character that wants to be remembered.

We saw the first four of ten episodes of season 1 and we are giving you away spoiler-freewhat you're up to at Another Life.

A sci-fi icon is finally returning to space

In the future world of Another Life, thousands of space missions have already been carried out in deep space with superlight propulsion. And that's exactly where main character Niko Breckinridge has to go again. Because an alien artifact landed on earth. Instead of waiting, people want to pay a visit to the planet to which the crystal structure is sending signals. 6 months there, 6 months back in deep sleep.

Katee Sackhoff in Another Life

At the beginning of the series, Niko returns to space after just under a decade, and the same goes for actress Katee Sackhoff. She played her star role as Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica until 2009. The pithy spaceship captains simply suit her.

She deliberately waited so long to return to space, she says in an interview with Collider, because she previously didn't want to be confronted with the Battlestar Galactica comparison.

Those who copy from the greats of science fiction have to deliver more

In addition to the obvious parallels from Katee Sackhoff's past, Another Life cannot break away from genre models and merges various tropes. Unfortunately, Netflix's new science fiction series hardly contributes its own.

Despite recurring turbulence, nobody in the spaceship (with an extremely young and unstable crew) seems to think about holding on. This may have become a cult thanks to the original Starship Enterprise series, but it looks uncomfortably stupid in 2019.

Two Arrowverse actors in Another Life

Arrival, Alien, Extinction and many more (that do not begin with A) are certainly happy about the visual and content appreciation, but the execution of the originals was always more catchy and detailed. Killer aliens who drill their way out of human bodies, secondary characters as cannon fodder, heated crew escalations and penetrating influencer journalists have to offer more than in Another Life in order not to get bored.

Anyone who also implements a spaceship series in the era of The Expanse has to be measured against considerable hard-sci-fi competition and can almost only lose.

Even the most athletic black sports underwear with an excessive amount of screen time does not help, which unfortunately is best remembered. The large amount of skin and the wiry, emaciated bodies that wake up from deep sleep barely covered, at least create an interesting physicality. Bare skin on sterile spaceship equipment is an unnatural contrast.

Sports underwear in Another Life

However, if you want to philosophize about physicality in the distant future, you can also watch Altered Carbon - The Immortality Program. Another recent Netflix series that is reminiscent of Another Life with its artificial human-than-human intelligence.

Another Life has one, but rather great, strength

The sci-fi stew almost feels like someone has ours User behavior on Netflix selected and selected a Star Trek arrival hybrid for the necessary intermediate feed. What starts as a science fiction drama and could have taken any direction, does not hit any direction by the end of the fourth episode and scuttles from spaceship horror to family drama.

Almost the diffuse half of the first season is over, the series comes back on the main story course and peeled off theirs only great strength out: Katee Sackhoff as a battered, guilt-driven and ambivalent main character. She not only carries the emotional backstory. It is also the (only) centerpiece of the first four episodes of Another Life. A woman who has to make the decision between life and death, who can hardly bear to leave her family for space and still does it.

Alien artifact in Another Life

It would be a shame if Another Life went to Netflix fast food degenerate that we stuff ourselves after better sci-fi films. After the first four episodes, the series can only be recommended to Katee Sackhoff fans.

How do you like Another Life on Netflix?