What is the scope of the ecm industry

ECM: Selection aid for the appropriate ECM software

Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) combine the ECM components and functions presented in the previous articles in a specific application. They do not always cover the complete range of ECM applications. Some of them can also be used sensibly as independent solutions for special tasks and do not even lay claim to a company-wide system.

ECM systems are offered in a wide variety of forms and variants: As individual program modules, components, subsystems, construction kits, closed complete solutions or integrated as a "suite". The scope of ECM systems can vary as well as the composition of the components or the orientation towards certain industries or problem areas.

When selecting the software for an ECMS, it is advisable to follow certain steps, which are given here in excerpts and in abbreviated form. The project manager should record the abstract goals in a goal definition and break them down into concrete projects in a project plan. The requirements should be precisely specified, discussed with various departments and weighted. At the same time, the features of the systems in question must be obtained.

The results of the analysis phase are best summarized in a structured manner in a detailed report. This then forms the decision template that the project manager presents to the management. In addition to the recommendation for a specific manufacturer, a project plan for introducing the software should be developed as soon as possible. The individual steps for software selection are described in more detail in the articles "Phases of software selection in ECM projects" and "Software selection in ECM projects".