What is early childhood

Early childhood

Professional exchange - growing up in the family

The following events were initiated and financed by Migros Culture Percentage. The Swiss Health Foundation RADIX was entrusted with the organization.

Growing up in the family - active early childhood communities

The family is of central importance for a healthy upbringing of the children in the first years of life. Specialists and municipalities therefore make an important contribution to strengthening parenting skills. But the challenges in practice are diverse: How can parents be reached in a more needs-oriented manner? How is the quality of the offers ensured? How are different offers coordinated and networked? These and other questions were the focus of the half-day expert exchange.

  • Expert exchange in the Central Switzerland region: May 16, 2019, 1.30 p.m. - 5.30 p.m.
    Archesaal of the Reformed Church, Bundesstrasse 15, 6300 Zug
  • Expert exchange in the canton of Graubünden: June 4, 2019, 1.30 p.m. - 5.30 p.m.
    B12, Brandisstrasse 12, 7000 Chur

The participants expected guest lectures from Martin Hafen (sociologist, lecturer at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences - Social Work) in Zug and Heidi Simoni (head of the Marie Meierhofer Institute for Children) in Chur. Representatives from specialist agencies and municipalities also had their say. Using practical examples, they show how early childhood development and upbringing can be promoted in the communities.

The specialist exchange was aimed at specialists from the fields of early childhood and school, those responsible for the implementation of concepts for early support in communities and other interested parties.

Regional seminars - municipalities as a strategic platform

The seminars were part of the project “Municipalities as a strategic platform and networker in the field of early support”, which is part of the National Program for Preventing and Combating Poverty in Switzerland (National Program Against Poverty) by the Swiss Association of Municipalities (SGV) and the Federal Office for social insurance (FSIO), was implemented in close cooperation with the Swiss Association of Cities (SSV). The Swiss Health Foundation RADIX was entrusted with the organization and implementation of the seminars.

The municipalities as a strategic platform and networker for early support: How does it work?

The series of events "The municipalities as a strategic platform and networker for early support: How does it work?" looked at the topic of early support from the point of view of small and medium-sized communities. The six regional seminars were held in the three major language regions of Switzerland in spring 2018. The events were aimed at political decision-makers and experts from municipalities and cantons. At the half-day seminars, the results of a community survey and a newly developed orientation aid were presented that support communities in developing and implementing community strategies and concepts for early support. Practical examples from municipalities and cantons were presented and opportunities and challenges of early support were discussed together.

Further information on the regional seminars can be found in the flyer for the three German-speaking Swiss seminars. In addition, a final report was drawn up on behalf of the Federal Social Insurance Office.

Project - Early Funding, Hombrechtikon

As a starting point, an inventory and categorization of the offers in the early morning area was made. As part of a workshop, the specialists then exchanged their experiences regarding the accessibility of families with special needs, in particular migrant families, known and existing as well as necessary additional measures were collected and documented. The results of the workshop were then deepened and substantiated by local parents and parents from selected migration groups.

Based on the results of the previous work steps, an action plan was drawn up as part of a synthesis by the “Early Funding Hombrechtikon” working group headed by the mayor. Based on this preliminary work, the local council decided in summer 2014 to invest more in early funding. In particular, the existing offers should also be made known to immigrant families so that the children are better prepared for kindergarten than before. In addition, the “parent-child center” in Hombrechtikon is to become a hub that connects everyone: the pediatrician, the speech therapist, the playgroup leader ...

The application for implementation was accepted by the municipal assembly in September 2014.