Why are fewer people using Facebook?

Instagram instead of Facebook - a clear thing for young people

I haven't been on a social network that long. When I created my own account a little less than two years ago, a large number of my friends and classmates had already discovered these great platforms for themselves. For a long time I got along without social networks, but in the end I wanted to be part of it and try it all out.

Since everyone I knew was really active on Instagram, I didn't have to think twice about it. Why should I log into Facebook when all of my friends and acquaintances - the ones I ultimately want to reach - are on Instagram? A certain peer pressure and the urge to belong were decisive.

Instagram doesn't seem that old

In addition, Facebook is the "social network for adults". The fact that my parents are on Facebook alone would have been a reason for me to choose Instagram. Once I'm on the same social network as my parents, you'll also insist on seeing my posts. As much as I like my parents, I would like to forego this friend request. Social networks in particular offer me the opportunity to move around and present myself in public without the influence or observation of my parents.

Even so, there is no reason that Facebook in itself makes a social network for the elderly and Instagram one for the younger generations. Because both networks have a similar structure and, apart from small details, would hardly contradict the claims of either age group: one should think.

We cannot experience anything without sharing it right away

However, social networks like Instagram or Snapchat are much younger and they also seem much fresher and less complicated to me. Facebook, on the other hand, is kind of old and has always been there. But we young people are always looking for something exciting and entertaining.

While I have to admit that I don't have a very accurate picture of Facebook, I can hardly imagine that it could surpass Instagram. On Instagram you can edit pictures in a variety of ways, upload so-called stories with surveys, votes, music, hashtags, GIFs, locations and much more or even start live videos. In addition, new features are uploaded every month and you can hardly save yourself from a new function here, a new possibility there.

We want to realize ourselves

Because we want to present our life in the social networks as unique and special as possible, these many functions are of course very welcome. Any image can be edited until we are satisfied with it. Everyone should see how perfect our life or everyday life is. In my story, I can show everyone what great places I'm currently in or what funny things I've experienced. Overall, Instagram is best suited to meet these needs.

There are now of course even more reasons why young people don't log into Facebook and prefer Instagram instead. Again and again Facebook makes negative headlines with the abuse of user data. We may be pretty naive, or at least thoughtless, about disclosing our data, but what Facebook has done with the data in recent years is extremely daunting for the younger generation. So first of all, Facebook would have to regain trust and, above all, regain the status of a modern, relaxed social network. However, there is a lot of work and time behind it. But Instagram could be "out" again at some point and the whole development would go in a different direction. Before that happens, however, a lot would have to happen.