What is the advantage of the CAT exam

What is a CAT tool (translation software)? What are the advantages of using CAT tools?

A CAT tool (Computer Assisted Translation Tool), also known as a translation tool, is a software application that is intended to support and optimize the translation process and to ensure and increase the quality of the translations.

The following components belong to a CAT tool:

  • Translation memories
  • Term bases
  • Quality assurance (QA)


The translation memory (TM) is “filled” during translation: The software saves sentences (segments) with the corresponding translation as sentence pairs in the database.

Previous translations can be used in new texts, making the translation faster, better and cheaper.

Your professional translation agency usually manages one translation memory for each customer and language combination. However, sometimes it makes more sense to create multiple TMs for a customer depending on the subject area (engineering, law, etc.), project, product, or department.

Every file that you send to your translation agency is analyzed against the relevant translation memory using the CAT tool. The analysis file provides information on how much previously translated content can be reused and how much the savings are.

Most customers leave work with the CAT tool to the language service provider. However, if you also translate internally in your company, it makes sense to have a common platform so that you and your translation service provider can access the same translation memories and term bases. However, all employees can also access the translation memories and term bases via a link and use them like a “company dictionary”.


Term databases can also be created in a CAT tool. These terminology lists contain important terms with the corresponding translation. A definition and other criteria can be added to each term.

This glossary can then also be expanded and edited during translation. Translators can regularly suggest new terms with translation and you have the opportunity to check them before they are added to the term base. Your language service provider can also perform term extraction and send you a list of terms for review.

If you already have word lists or glossaries (in Word or Excel), your agency can import them into the CAT tool and expand them.

Termbases can be broken down by subject, but most companies choose to use a single list, often called a master's glossary. A category is then assigned to each term (e.g. insurance, law, technology).

Termbases ensure consistent terminology so that all of your communication becomes more consistent. Glossaries are often created for types of text where accuracy is extremely important, such as technical documentation.

Your translation service provider can advise and support you in creating and managing terminology.


As soon as a translator has completed the translation in a CAT tool, quality assurance is carried out automatically.

The text is checked against previously set parameters: The tool checks the consistent use of given terminology, the correspondence of numbers and values ​​in the source and target text and the same translation of identical source segments.

The QA check finds and corrects human errors that can easily be overlooked.



  • Higher quality
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Cheaper translations (TM savings)
  • Consistent terminology
  • Consistent language (reuse of translations)
  • Searchable translation memories and termbases


  • Translation of high volumes in a short time
  • Collaboration between several translators in real time (cloud-based solution)
  • Translation memories and term bases for reference
  • All process steps (translation, revision, QA) in one system
  • Automatic quality assurance
  • File analysis and automatic cost calculation
  • Support of all formats (InDesign, HTML, XML, etc.)
  • Multiple files per project possible


AdHoc Translations uses a cloud-based CAT tool. Our translation memories and project files are stored in a secure cloud so that our translators around the world can collaborate as all translations are saved and viewed in real time.

Read here why we chose Memsource as our preferred CAT tool.

Since it is a cloud-based tool, our customers can also work together on one platform. This is particularly interesting for customers who want to work in a CAT tool themselves. We can make our partnership even more flexible and efficient.

Contact us if you are interested in further information about our platform.