What is an e-magazine


An eMagazine (also known as an online magazine or eZine) is a regularly published magazine in digital form that provides its readers with information and news tailored to the target group. eMagazines are often digitized versions of a magazine, but companies can also send them to customers and newsletter subscribers. As part of online marketing measures, eMagazines are used for customer relationship management and can be accessed on a website or sent by email.

Background [edit]

eMagazines originally evolved from printed magazines or weekly newspapers. Since then, publishers have been struggling with decreasing print runs due to increasing digitization. The offer of a digital version should and should meet the falling demand. At the same time, advertisers are given the opportunity to have a high reach online.

At the same time, eMagazines are partly similar to newsletters. Because like the newsletter, these magazines can be integrated into mailings. The difference, however, is that an eMagazine can usually be flipped through like a magazine. It is not for nothing that PDF documents are often templates for ezines.

In the scientific community, the eMagazine has also established itself in the form of the eJournal. However, the focus here is increasingly on scientific publications in the form of papers.

Components and scope of functions [edit]

An eMagazine can be sent as an HTML document by e-mail or integrated into a website. In addition, ezines can also be downloaded as a kind of interactive PDF and read in full. In this way, many readers subscribe to digital magazines and can also read them offline on the PC or tablet.

The structure of eMagazines is similar to that of a magazine. The content includes articles, comments, glosses or even product presentations. A clickable table of contents can often be found on the first pages. In the meantime, however, many publishers have switched to not copying the electronic versions of their weekly papers or magazines 1: 1 from the printed version.

eMagazines can be characterized by a few features.

  • periodical appearance or publication on a special occasion
  • digitally implemented, available as a download or readable in the browser or via special apps
  • multimedia content (images, videos, applications, surveys)
  • direct user interaction possible (users can click on links or leave comments)
  • can be read online or offline
  • a computer, tablet or smartphone is required to read
  • Internet access is required to receive eMagazine
  • Alignment to a target group

Benefits for online marketing

eMagazines can be important elements in an online marketing or content marketing strategy, on the one hand to promote customer loyalty and on the other to increase brand awareness. Viral campaigns can also be started with the help of digital magazines. Many big brands publish their own eMagazines as part of corporate publishing, in which group innovations as well as practical additional information on products are presented.

Due to its digital form, the eMagazine is also many times cheaper to produce than comparable print products. At the same time, in contrast to the printed magazine, the range can be increased very quickly and efficiently. This makes it easy for readers to recommend the magazine to other interested parties via a link. Due to the interactive orientation, the publication of eMagazines can also increase the traffic for a website. In addition, clicking on a link in the magazine does not result in a direct media break, as would occur when reading a printed sheet.

Thanks to their target group-specific orientation, eMagazines are also attractive advertising environments for companies that promise low wastage.

Another great advantage of eMagazines is that user behavior can be tracked accordingly when the magazine is read online in the browser. In this way, benchmarks such as the length of stay and the CTR can also be applied to another medium. Using these KPIs, the success of an eMagazine can be optimized even further.

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