How can I make explosives at home

Press releases

January 22nd, 2021, State Criminal Police Office

In recent years there has been an increasing number of accidents and criminal offenses in the area of ​​explosives crime, in which the formulations for the manufacture of the explosives are more and more often taken from the Internet.

House destroyed by self-made explosives

Often these are hobbyists who cannot properly assess the dangers of their "own labor"!

These can react to even low pressure and, even in small quantities, cause considerable injuries and considerable property damage.

For example, a small amount of a self-made explosive destroyed a single-family house in the Swabian town of Genderkingen. A 34-year-old had handled the highly sensitive powder in the boiler room and was killed in the process. Due to the force of the explosion, the roof structure rose and the outer walls of the house began to crack!

The posting of these instructions on the Internet does not in itself constitute a criminal offense and cannot be prohibited or prevented by the security authorities. Nor can it be trusted that the processes described on the Internet for the production of the corresponding substances are not faulty and therefore represent a danger for the "hobbyist" in and of themselves.

However, it should be noted that the manufacture of explosive substances without the required permits is already a criminal offense!

If this in-house laboratory is then also exploded and possibly endangered people or property, this can constitute a crime under the penal code that cannot be punished with imprisonment for less than one year.

However, in addition to the danger to life and limb and the criminal law component, it is also important to consider possible costs and claims for damages that may be incurred by the perpetrator. For example, during a deployment in Bavaria, the fire brigade demanded around € 3,000 from the parents of a young person who had made explosives.

But handling fireworks can be just as dangerous. In November 2008, for example, there was an explosion in Lower Bavaria when two young people poured black powder from fireworks into a pipe bomb. One of the teenagers suffered severe abdominal injuries, the other lost several fingers on one hand. This is just one example of the dangerousness of explosives.

The Bavarian State Criminal Police Office advises: Hands off tinkering with or making explosives!