Does muscle building affect the size of a teenager?

Is strength training recommended or harmful for children?

Sport is always good! However, here too, some disciplines should be approached with particular caution. Age plays a central role in weight training. In detail, however, opinions differ as to whether and from when children and young people should lift the dumbbell at all. So is strength training even dangerous for kids?

For many decades it has been believed that strength training should not be started until you have completed your physical growth. In the teenage years it would be way too early. Quite a few sports medicine specialists are convinced that Weight training for children is not harmful as long as it takes place in the right amount. In any case, it is certain that the pubescent body does not yet have enough hormones for effective muscle training. There are counterexamples where young children are already very muscular. However, it is precisely these that are sharply criticized, as the positive effects of extreme muscle building are out of proportion to the harmful side effects.

Negative Effects of Weight Training on Children

Harmful side effects of weight training for children with weights can occur on several levels. Joints, bones and even body size can be negatively influenced, so that classic disciplines such as ball sports, swimming or athletics are considered better alternatives. The risk of possible damage is minimized there and is limited to the normal risk of injury in sports. For children and adolescents, holding and strengthening exercises with their own body weight are generally preferable to exercises with external weights. There is nothing to oppose strength training with your own body weight, even at a young age.

In addition, it is never too early to set the course for proper nutrition. Because obesity is becoming an increasingly widespread problem in Germany as well: the ever-increasing range of technology on the one hand and the opportunity to eat unhealthy fast food on the other hand, in combination, lead to a lack of exercise and obesity at an early stage.

Conclusion & recommendation for strength training for young people

With or without strength training for children, it is important to put a healthy lifestyle in the cradle for the offspring. Sufficient exercise and a balanced, vitamin-rich diet have an effect not only on athletic performance, but on life as a whole. Finding the right sport is an important step, especially in childhood, to ensure regular exercise that is fun and enjoyable. Muscle building, fat burning and conditioning take place automatically in every sport.

The fun of movement is therefore the top priority in childhood. The positive effects are then inevitably added. From the age of 18 or 19 at the latest, you can register in the gym without any worries. Regardless of age should be done cautiously there, as the risk of injury from too heavy weights is often underestimated by beginners. An extensive warm-up phase is recommended in any case, in particular to avoid muscle injuries that occur frequently.