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Does pineapple really make you taste better at the bottom?

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We asked sex experts so you don't have to. © Denis Kartavenko / Getty Images / Via

I am 20 years old, completely healthy, and have a healthy, monogamous relationship.

I notice that my body (since the beginning of puberty) has a very strong smell ... downstairs. Or at least it seems pretty strict to me. It's not uncomfortable, I just smell like a woman. I always worry that my boyfriend might not like my smell or taste. He says he's okay, but do you have any tips to make him more comfortable? I heard you should eat chocolate and pineapple - is that correct?

best regards

P.S. Any tips on how HE could taste better? Often his semen is a bit bitter. (I don't mind, but it would be nice anyway.)

First of all, your vagina will probably smell and taste exactly like a vagina. ©

Which is not a problem, despite what you've heard from advertising for feminine care, the media, or maybe even (ex) partners. A vagina shouldn't smell like a bouquet of flowers, just like a penis shouldn't smell like a summer night after the rain. We have to live with that, folks.

It's great that your partner doesn't believe all of this crap. But it sounds like you're still unsure. So you should know that your taste or smell is probably at all Nothing wrong is. Although we didn't get to know your vagina personally, we are sure that it is a gem.

But okay ... we're a little curious too! Given that everyone smells and tastes a bit different, is there anything you can (safely) use to make yourself a little ... more appetizing? ©

To answer your question, we spoke to gynecologist Dr. Jennifer Gunter and sex therapist Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, author of Wanting to Want, composed. This is what the two of them said:

Eat as much chocolate and pineapple as you want, but this doesn't necessarily make your "juice" taste like ... well, juice. ©

To be fair, there is even something to this myth. Your body fluids - such as sweat, saliva, and vaginal exudates - can be affected by your diet and lifestyle. For example, if you eat strong-smelling, strict foods (like garlic, spices, meat, etc.), the body fluids can smell a little stronger, explains Castellanos. This also applies to smoking or a lot of alcohol. On the other hand, sweeter foods and lots of fluids can make the experience less harsh.

But the results don't come right away, and it's more about basic diet than short-term pre-sex meals. The body takes a while - and the liter of pineapple juice can't outweigh the garlic and anchovy pizza.

“The best way to have a healthy vagina is to eat well,” says Gunter. ©

Eating a healthy diet, plenty of water, and enough fiber help keep the good bacteria in your gut, she says. (And good digestion and bowel movements can obviously affect hygiene in the whole area.)

Keep in mind that the smell can change somewhat during the menstrual cycle, which is caused by fluctuations in hormones, says Castellanos. Still one can clear bad smell can be a sign of infection, so ask your doctor if you notice anything like this.

Basic hygiene is also very important. ©

Did you shower today Is the underwear clean? DID YOU WIPE FRONT TO BACK? Do you smoke? Are you really hungover and sweating out whiskey? All of these can affect how you smell - and that includes the vaginal discharge. That doesn't mean that all of this makes you bad smell - but maybe you have a stronger smell.

But don't overdo it: how you clean your genitals can actually make it worse. ©

When it comes to cleansing the genital area, all you need are water and mild soap, explains Gunter. Douching, unnecessarily frequent or vigorous washing, or scented wipes and liquids can change the pH of the vagina and lead to infection (which promotes bad smell), she says.

So make sure you wash the area gently and don't use harsh or scented soaps. And put on cotton underwear so that everything can ~ breathe ~.

And what about semen? Does all of this also apply to that? ©

Actually already. Sperm is a little more concentrated, so eating a healthy diet and plenty of fluids can also make the smell a little less harsh, says Castellanos. But again, no amount of pineapple in the world will make semen taste like piña colada. To be honest, that would also be worrying.

Bottom line: A healthy diet and decent hygiene will likely * somewhat * affect the smell and taste. But most likely everything is fine with you by now.

“A vagina should smell and taste like a vagina,” says Gunter. "Either someone is interested or not."

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