What are the most popular Squarespace templates

6 best Squarespace blog templates for 2021

Most Squarespace templates or templates are well designed and visually appealing. However, there are many other points when you need to find the right one for your blog.

If you blog in an exclusively visual industry, you need pages with large, appealing images. If your blog is primarily text-heavy, you want a clear page in which the words don't get lost. Squarespace has all of the options. But not all templates are suitable for every blog.

I am a graphic designer and in my spare time I am a blogger. So, I decided to try out all of Squarespace's blogging templates for myself. Now I can tell you how to find the right one. I can also introduce a few extraordinary candidates for your blog template.

Choosing a Squarespace Blog Template - The Basics

Squarespace templates are in categories like wedding, Online stores as Blogs & Podcasts assigned. However, the categories are just a suggestion of sorts and nothing more. Because the Templates offer a lot of options for customization, you can easily personalize the templates and customize them for your blogging needs. You can, among other things Modify font, colors, layout and menus.

Pro tip: If you enter a search term and describe your website, Squarespace gives you more options than if you just click on a category. I have in the category Blogs & Podcasts found only six templates. When I did a search for “write a blog” I got over ten results. You can find more tips and tricks in our Expert review through Squarespace.

There is one thing I particularly like about choosing a template. You can install and examine several templates before using them for the live website. Unlike many others Top website builders on the market, You can swap templates at any time, should you find one that you like better. This is the case even if your blog is already online and active.

Squarespace Blog Templates That I Like and Why They Are Great


If your blog has a lot of great pictures (fashion, food or photography) you will love the visual approach of Haute. Make sure to use your best photos for the mosaic-style homepage. A click on the respective picture leads your readers directly to the blog post.

Haute also has a text-based side menu that readers can use to easily browse the archives. You can also easily find contact information there. The default color for the homepage is white. As you can see above, however, this is not always ideal for ease of reading. Lucky you can easily adapt the colors to the pictures you are using. This ensures that the visual contrast is better and readability increases as a result.


Skye is his very flexible blog template. But I especially like it for the blog topics of food, lifestyle and travel. The homepage sorts the articles based on the publication date. There are featured images and tags for the categories. In this way, readers can easily find the articles that interest them most.

The template also has a good magazine-style layout and the minimalist hamburger menu (that's what web developers call the three little lines in the top left) is very unobtrusive. The text is easy to read and navigation is simple. There are also social media links. The website looks very balanced and the user experience is intuitive and good.


Tudor is relatively similar to Skye, but less symmetrical. It has a slightly more modern look. Tudor works very well for interior design and lifestyle blogs. This is especially true when several people contribute, because the name of the author and a short description are shown at the end of the articles. You are not limited to the standard images and pages that the template brings with it. You are free to customize each section to fit your blog style. Maybe you prefer it casual or prefer elegant. That's up to you.

Readers can easily find articles based on category and author. The template also offers contact pages and social media links. You can find them via the hamburger menu in the top left. You can also use the template to create static pages. They come in handy for author bios, post information, and a contact form. This allows readers to contact you and send you feedback.


Squarespace Blog Templates That You Better To Avoid

Squarespace generally has very good templates available. But there are a few in the category Blogs & Podcaststhat don't particularly impress me. You might be able to customize them to meet your needs. However, if you want a template that you can use immediately, then you should keep your hands off the following two templates.


I present Foundry. Are you waiting for the pictures to load? The thing is, there are none. There is very lots of white space on the page. The reader is not encouraged to click anything on the first page at all.

Even academic writers and literary critics need more than Foundry has to offer. A nice illustration or photo almost always beats any well-written text if the reader is to be interested. Do not use the blog template unless you have the time and inclination to make major adjustments to the visual layout.


Rally is actually not an ugly blog template. It could use a few tweaks, however. The text-based header is quite nice. This also applies to the menu at the top. But the first block of images and the accompanying text are too small to draw interest to the content.

A few minor adjustments to text and images would make the template look a lot better. You could even make all of these adjustments in the template settings. If you don't want your readers to have to screw up their eyes, you might not want to use Rally if you're looking for a template that looks great without adjustments.


Other Squarespace templates to use on your blog

I already mentioned that you are not relying on pre-made templates in the area Blogs & Podcasts need to restrict on Squarespace. There are tons of great templates in other categories that are great to customize for a blogging website.

Pro tip: Do you have some experience building websites and are able to handle a bit of code, you can even implement custom CSS. This allows you to use additional Squarespace functions such as event calendars, booking software, shopping carts and reservation management tools.

Aria - from the Musicians and Bands category

Aria was designed for musicians and artists. But that shouldn't prevent you from using it if you don't belong to these groups. You can easily customize Aria and use it for a blog. Only a few modifications to the page name and the images are necessary for this. For an instructional blog or class website, the template could work very well. By default, the template contains an event calendar and a section with news. This is ideal if you not only blog, but also communicate personally with readers and students.

If you have a SoundCloud account, you can easily implement podcasts, pieces of music, spoken words or other audio files. This will help you build a more personal relationship with the readers.

Shibori - from the Events category

If you're starting a business or starting a craft blog, Shibori might be a great choice. Shibori is made to highlight workshops and product demonstrations. So if you run your blog to promote products or services, then it's the perfect template for you. You can prominently place your logo or a personal avatar in the top right corner. Visitors recognize your brand or a friendly face immediately.


Pro tip: If you want to create a logo for your new blog, Squarespace also offers a logo generator that you can use free of charge. You can find more information about this and how to use it in ourSquarespace Logo Generator Test.

Shibori provides ready-made pages for events that even have an integrated calendar. Visitors can find out more about your workshops and other personal events. You can also create pages to register and send automatic reminders for events. In short, Shibori helps you manage live events and gatherings. Therefore, you have more time to concentrate on increasing your readership.

After the template - some final thoughts

With the right Squarespace blog template, your website will feel accessible. This is the first step as a successful blogger. But always concentrate on the essentials. If you have a colorful personality and a great writing style, then that's worth more than any template. This will ensure that visitors come back and look forward to every new contribution.