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The marketing agency eROI carried out a survey in the USA about the importance of email, social networks and the mobile web with regard to the marketing activities of companies. Dan Martell has graphically prepared the results of this survey, which is also available for download here, on the Flowtown blog (the graphic is available there in its original size, please click on the graphic):

Although these are figures from the USA, as Stefan Pfeiffer, to whom I owe this discovery, correctly points out, we are probably dealing with a similar development here in Europe. I was amazed that two thirds of the companies surveyed already offer a mobile version of their website. When asked "Does your company offer mobile versions of your websites and / or landing pages?", 67.6% answered yes, according to the graph. In the study itself, however, I found this table (page 4):

I think there was a mistake in the creation of the graphic, because otherwise it would be a very unusual result in my eyes and we would have to ask ourselves whether we are doing too much with the mobile web with regard to the main topics of the stARTconference are late. ;-)

If you ask about the goals that can be achieved with the help of social media, the main thing is to make your own brand better known. Against this background, it is understandable that the success of these activities is primarily measured quantitatively. The primary aim of the activities is to gain as many fans or followers as possible (Facebook and Twitter are currently the most popular social networks) and then to get them to visit the company website.

Social media are an interesting field of activity for marketing activities, because according to the graphic, 75% of households with internet access are also active in social networks. It is difficult to make comparisons here, but as the ARD / ZDF online study shows, the majority of German Internet users can also be found there.

The interlinking of email and social media marketing activities is striking:

"Nearly two-thirds of marketers responded that they are integrating social media with their email marketing efforts and 59.1% are integrating 'Share With Your Network" links. When respondents who weren’t integrating social media into their email campaigns were asked why, they cited lack of resources and knowledge (35.2% and 21.4%, respectively) - the same reasons given for not using mobile. "

Interesting connections to consider in (future) marketing activities, because not only the link between email and social media is important, the fact that more and more people are accessing their social networks via their mobile devices is also important. Which then closes the circle (or the triangle).