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Death in the fire: many Hungarian students die on the motorway

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In the middle of the night, a bus crashes into a bridge pier and immediately catches fire. A school trip ends in a cruel way, many young people die. Media celebrate a teacher and a killed student as heroes.
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Fire and death on the way back from skiing: At least 16 people died in a bus disaster in northern Italy. Another 13 occupants of the Hungarian coach were seriously injured, police commander Girolamo Lacquaniti said. The bus with students between the ages of 15 and 19 and several teachers came off the motorway shortly before midnight near Verona on Friday evening, crashed into a pillar and went up in flames. German bus accident experts spoke of particularly “tragic circumstances” in the course of the accident. According to media reports, a physical education teacher saved the lives of many young people.

On the bus were students and teachers from Budapest's Szinyei Merse High School who had attended a ski course in France. A total of up to 60 passengers are said to have been in the bus. Hundreds of mourners gathered in front of the school on Saturday evening: They lit candles and laid flowers, many mourned silently. Prime Minister Viktor Orban ordered national mourning this Monday. Pictures of the accident show a ball of fire that became a deadly trap for many. All that remained of the vehicle was a burned-out wreck. After the impact, dramatic scenes took place on the A4: Sports teacher Gyorgy Vigh had repeatedly climbed into the burning bus and took out one student after the other with his wife Erika, reported the Ansa news agency. He himself is lying in the hospital with severe burns on his face, back and one leg. The newspaper “Corriere della Sera” calls him the “hero of the Hungarian bus”.

According to reports, the couple themselves lost their son and daughter (both 18) in the accident. The teacher's wife said she tried with all her might to pull her daughter off the bus, but couldn't. "A moment later it was too late, you couldn't see anything anymore, there was only fire." A student also acted selflessly and smashed many windows with an emergency hammer, said a survivor of the newspaper "La Stampa". Police officer Lacquaniti reported that this boy was later found dead near a window with a hammer in hand. Sports teacher Vigh was quoted as saying: “There was hardly any traffic, the road was clear and well lit, the speed was normal. Many had nodded off. It is absolutely incomprehensible how this could all happen so quickly. "

Police commander Lacquaniti said there were no other vehicles involved in the accident. This suggests that the bus driver fell asleep or the vehicle went off the road due to a technical defect. The Verona Public Prosecutor launched an investigation. According to official information, a Slovenian truck driver witnessed the accident. He testified that while driving behind the bus, he discovered that a wheel was probably damaged. He still tried to warn the bus driver with the headlight flasher, but this was no longer effective. The international bus tourism association RDA expressed its condolences to the families of the victims.

According to initial findings, tragic circumstances played a role: the bus had come to a standstill along the guardrail so unfortunate that the doors on the right could no longer be opened. After the impact, the bus caught fire due to a short circuit in the main power distribution box at the front right, said Johannes Huebner, head of the association's coach safety initiative, the German press agency. "Actually, it can only be explained in such a way that the fire spread so quickly."

Most of the young people who survived should be returned to Hungary on Sunday, said the Hungarian Consulate General in Madrid. Among them are two of the six injured who were treated in a hospital in Verona on Sunday. Chancellor Angela Merkel reacted with dismay to the serious bus accident. The Chancellor sent her condolences to Orbán and the Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, said Deputy Government Spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer on Saturday. "Your thoughts are with the families of the victims." RDA Vice President Heinrich Marti spoke of a black day for bus tourism. He pointed out that 2016 had the lowest number of serious coach accidents in Europe for more than ten years. His association will continue to work to improve the "high level of safety" of bus travel.
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