Is sex right or wrong every day?

Knowledge test: love and sex

How often do women think of sex? Is Sex Good For Your Health? And how did the ancient Greeks love? Test your knowledge!

Typical man: More than half of them think about sex every day. And the women?

On average, women want three to four sex partners in life. Men on the other hand ...

Frequent sex reduces the risk of developing certain diseases. What ailment does this apply to?Not?

Female sexuality is more complex than that of men. How many women never climax during sex?

What do you call people who have the feeling that they are living in the wrong body, i.e. men who would rather be women, and vice versa?

Most animal species reproduce bisexually. But not all. How many animal species are there only females?

How much money is spent on prostitution in Germany every year?

How many genes determine a person's gender?

Which part of the body has the most sensory nerve cells?

In Europe the ideal of love arose as love between ...

Flower sex: how does the rafflesia from Southeast Asia use insects to reproduce?

Homosexuality: What mainly determines a person's sexual orientation?

What was Viagra against again?

How long does an average German marriage last today?

Masochism: Every year there are around 100 deaths in Germany ...

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