How can Disney's streaming service possibly lose

Are Amazon and Netflix losing other popular series?

The ABC series "Revenge" runs in Germany on Prime Video, among others
Photo: ABC Up until this year, Netflix had many popular licensed series and films in its program. This included, in particular, the productions of Disney and associated studios. Especially popular were Marvel series, which Netflix even had exclusively in its program. That ended in March, when Disney launched its own SVoD service Disney + in Germany and filled its own catalog with the relevant content. But another loss could still threaten Netflix and Amazon, because many Disney series in this country are not yet on Disney +. You can see them mainly in the USA on Hulu and the Disney TV network ABC. And it is precisely this ABC content that Disney could pull away from its competitors Amazon, Sky and Netflix in the event of a possible Germany launch of Hulu in the coming year.

Top-class ABC productions

The ABC series "Revenge" runs in Germany on Prime Video, among others
Photo: ABC The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is one of the major American television networks alongside NBC and CBS. All three networks are important producers of top-class TV series in the USA, which up to now have been licensed in Germany by linear channels in both free and pay TV and streaming services. Well-known ABC productions are for example "Grey's Anatomy", "Designated Survivor" or "Modern Family".

Up to now, Disney had no direct exploitation option on the German market for these productions, as most of them are drama series for which there was no separate broadcasting slot in Germany. For example, a crime series like "How To Get Away With Murder" does not fit well into the Disney Channel, the same applies to Disney +, after all, its own offer should also be explicitly aimed at children.

Hulu would reshuffle cards

In recent weeks, various specialist media have discussed the fact that Disney will also bring its second streaming service "Hulu" to Europe in the coming year. Against the background of the large catalog of content, that would be only logical and consistent. Then a lot of FSK16 or FSK18 content from the Disney portfolio should find a new home in Europe.

Think, for example, of the rights to the Alien films, which Disney acquired together with the 20th Century Fox studio. In the USA, Hulu currently offers two subscription models: a pure on-demand service and another option with live TV. This corresponds roughly to the offer like in this country Joyn from ProSiebenSat.1 and Discovery. However, it cannot be assumed that Hulu will also offer a live TV option in the event of a launch in Germany.

Assessment: Will Two Disney-Powered Services Succeed?

For subscribers to Netflix, Amazon and Sky, the possible loss of ABC content is likely to be another bad news. But it would also be more expensive for Disney fans in this case. In addition to the almost seven euros a month for Disney +, you would then have to complete another service in order to be able to see the entire range of the Mickey Mouse group.

Disney has to ask itself the legitimate question why not just implement a youth protection test at Disney + and then include all content from FSK16 in the catalog. Starting a second streamer and letting subscribers pay extra just for the protection of minors may be an economically wise decision from Disney's point of view. It is at least very questionable whether the audience will play along. Especially since there are also plenty of streaming offers outside of Disney and those with a tight budget are unlikely to have the means to take out a subscription to several streaming services.

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