How can you create your own happiness

Finding happiness: 15 rules that will make you happy

Keep reminding yourself that you are Are right to be happy and contented. Nothing and no one can deprive you of this right. And you have numerous opportunities to work on it yourself, to lead a fulfilling life, to find happiness. Our 15 rules of luck are designed to help you free yourself from what is draining your energy. So that you can focus on what is good for you and find happiness. It's best to start right away: Let happiness come into your life. Permanent.

1 Say a happiness mantra
The great thing is that it is up to you to influence your mood. As soon as you wake up, stand up straight and say to yourself loudly and clearly, “I want to be happy today!” Feel what this does in you.

2 Enjoy the moment
Have you already felt the sun on your skin today? Looking at the flower in your living room? There is a real source of strength in things that we often only perceive marginally. Refuel again and again. Find happiness in small things and events.

3 Make negative thoughts positive
Start simply reprogramming negative sentences like “I can't do this”: Write down positive variants, for example “I have the courage and the ability to cope with all tasks.” Internalize these thoughts.

4 Laugh, sing and dance wildly
All three activities release a lot of happiness hormones, you feel elated and liberated, become more optimistic - and also charm those around you with your self-confident charisma.

5 Love you - especially yourself
Having and maintaining good relationships is a prerequisite for a full life. Start with yourself to find happiness. Take care of yourself, care for yourself, love yourself. Do you notice how your heart opens? Valuing yourself can help you get even closer to your partner, family, and friends.

6 Make others happy
Whether a compliment for the work of a colleague, opening the door for the neighbor, a postcard to a good friend: we give ourselves presents when we give something to others.

7 Discover the power of gratitude
No, not every day is good. But every day has something good. It is up to us to keep focusing on what enriches our lives and what we can be thankful for. It works best if we write these things down in a gratitude diary.

8 Remain the way you are - unique
No more customizing! You will not find happiness when you do justice to the wishes of others, but when you remain yourself and meet your own needs.

9 Take advantage of bad experiences
It's really annoying when something goes wrong. But instead of just feeling sorry for yourself, you can also take the chance: Has an obstacle popped up? Then just climb over it. Is one way blocked for you now? But the next path will definitely lead to your dream destination.

10 Create a done list
Just writing down what needs to be done is quite a mood killer. It is better to write down what you have already accomplished and achieved and what you are particularly proud of. Bet a crowd will come together?

11 Treat yourself to comfort food
In the USA it is the peanut butter sandwich, in our case the rice pudding: so-called comfort food that is equally good for body and soul. Which dishes make you happy? Access it more often. This is how finding happiness is very easy and also quite enjoyable! How not to fall into the calorie trap? With THIS Nutella-No-Sugar-Recipe it works!

12 Just let go of your fears
The fear of being disappointed or making mistakes robs us of many beautiful moments. Look at your fears from the outside. What speaks against just letting go of worries, having more courage? Nothing - you can only win.

13 Set a role model for others
To be able to motivate others - a great feeling. Become a role model when it comes to happiness and ensure that you are in a good mood yourself. In the best case, it is contagious ...

14 Make fixed feel-good appointments
What do you particularly enjoy, what is good for you? Whether it's a walk by the water, a hot bath, meeting friends - plan fixed times for it. In this way you create islands of happiness in everyday life, which provide a balance in stressful times.

15 Follow your heart
More joie de vivre means: out of the comfort zone and into adventure. Spread your wings and follow your heart - it knows the direction to go. Make your dreams come true. Now!