How are LED signs designed

Led signs

Design your own LED signs

Use our online editor and design your own personal LED display or company sign. From very small to 70 cm wide and 45 cm high LED signs, almost any format can be implemented. Your personal company logo or desired symbol can also be integrated. Of course you can add your own lettering. You only have to pay attention to the flat graphic design of the information that is important to you, since the engraving technology is also used here.


The LED sign as a customer magnet

Led signs are nothing new, but the logical further development of the


famous American neon signs of the 50s and 60s. Thanks to technical progress, they are in many ways much better and more effective than the comparable fluorescent tubes used in old neon advertising. These were expensive, very fragile, difficult to repair, and meant a much larger, more expensive purchase. In addition, they were usually more bulky and could not be used safely.


Those who use LED signs for their outdoor advertising can now achieve equally effective effects with less effort. The LEDs used as a light source are not only particularly energy-efficient and guaranteed reliable, but also withstand impacts and temperature fluctuations without any problems. In contrast to other light sources, with LED you can also vary the lighting and find new creative possibilities for designing the sign. In short: LED neon signs are atmospheric miracle weapons!


Led signs - modern & exotic

The most common use will be as a welcome sign or signal sign. It only takes a cursory glance to see whether the kiosk is closed or the pub is open. When the light is off, it's "dead pants". And when you are greeted by the red words “OPEN”, you can feel very warm in the face of joyful anticipation. Because the operators know how to reach their customers directly with the signal signs. Many a restaurant owner has now also recognized that the LED signs, for example in the color green or orange, exude exactly the exoticism that seems to go perfectly with their Mexican restaurant. Many bar operators use them as advertising signs or signs to draw attention to special cocktails or the popular "happy hour" with their hypnotic effect. In addition to being used as bar lighting, a small, discreet LED sign is also placed on the counters in many hotel receptions.


Looking at the LED displays can easily create a party atmosphere, which is why many private customers like to buy the signs for their party room or clubhouse. Perhaps you also want to create the right casino atmosphere in your poker room with that Las Vegas touch. The LED kissable mouth motifs, which are also known from night clubs, are particularly suitable for this.


With a good design and discreet use, the illuminated signs do not look cheap or kitschy, but underline and skillfully complement the already existing atmosphere.


In many a snack bar or fast-food restaurant, the LED neon signs in the window area of ​​the entrance doors ensure a permanently pleasant American diner feeling and make the guests happy. The owners of pizzerias and doner kebab shops also do their best and use them as promotional signs: "Free Coke when buying 3 pizzas". In many guest houses, landlords use them with the words “To be rented” as signs.


LED signs as a promotional gift

Many smart business people use the LED display as an opportunity to create personalized merchandize. Beautiful, illuminated decorative signs can be much more than mere information signs and are simply well received. You are beginning to wonder how you could ever do without it.