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Can you learn to proofread? The answer is unequivocally: “Yes!” Proofreading can be learned. And those who are already doing this can improve the quality and efficiency of their proofreading.

The seminar "Proofreading: Efficient proofreading in the digital office" deals with both the analogue world of final editing and the digital preliminary stages.

We show where errors tend to hide and why we don't find some errors even though they seem so obvious - once discovered.


Employees in companies, authorities and associations, universities, scientific institutes, institutions as well as in technical documentation and in management consultancies, editors, technical writers, copywriters, advertising professionals, PR consultants or employees in advertising and public relations, PR, dialogue marketing, Customer correspondence, secretariat, law firms, authorities, ...

This is not a spelling seminar, but we will go into the most important or difficult spelling and punctuation rules if necessary.

Seminar content:

Day 1: Proofreading confidently and efficiently

  • Man reads and thinks
    Effects of attention type and perception
  • Insight into the jungle of errors
    Tracking down errors, stumbling over errors, not overlooking errors
  • To learn from mistakes
    Each participant gets to know his “personal construction sites” in order to be able to be particularly careful at these points in the future.
  • Strategies for systematically structured documents and periodicals
    How to check systemic content efficiently and safely.
  • The proofreader's analog tools
    Duden, correction symbols, typometer
  • Accept limits
    What you shouldn't expect from proofreaders.
  • Source of error graphics - cause and effect
    Errors that arise in the layout
  • Lists and tables - design and structure correctly
    Order and uniformity for graphically prepared content

Day 2: The digital prepress - support for editing and graphics

  • Strategy and efficiency - proofreading in the production process
    Where a lot of time can be saved with the support of technology. And how this increases quality, but still reduces costs.
  • Mass errors in Word files - scuffing for software
    Proofreading with a text scrubber and DUDEN corrector. How 80 to 90 percent of all errors can be corrected or found by the software before layout. These errors do not have to be found in the final editing department and need not be corrected in the graphic.
  • Display on the monitor - of pixels and curves
    Requirements for secure on-screen proofreading in Word files.
  • Without media discontinuity - proofreading in PDF
    Use Adobe Reader / Acrobat sensibly. The participants learn how to safely use the tools of Adobe Reader / Acrobat when proofreading. This later makes it easier for the graphic to make the corrections without errors.
  • More software - everything that works
    An overview of automatic spell checking in current editorial systems and writing software. Correction software and alternative products.

All examples and exercises come from current practice. You can find a detailed description of the seminar here.



Seminar duration:

2 days

Course type:

Practical workshop, max. 10 participants

Seminar room:

Our bright and modern seminar rooms are equipped with the latest technology, a powerful projector, a large screen and spacious workstations.

These additional services are included in the price:

  • extensive and practical training documents:
    • TheExercise sheets with the construction sites of the participant, which, when viewed later, become conscious again and contribute to personal development.
    • The provenSynapse switch. The practical memo cards summarize almost all slides in compact form that are shown in the seminar. They can be used like vocabulary training. This means that the entire training content flows into everyday work in small units.
    • TheKnowledge folder with all the information that does not fit on DIN A6 cards. It contains lists, e.g. B. with ASCII code for special characters, quotation marks in foreign language typesetting and units of measurement, but also checklists.
    • Software instructions for on-screen proofreading for MS Word, Adobe Reader DC, Adobe Acrobat and InDesign and InCopy. This explains the work steps for proofreading on the screen.
    • The participants receive an extensiveMacro for MS Word, with which the most common mass errors in Word documents can be automatically corrected.
    • FurtherExerciseswith which the participants can deepen or refresh their knowledge.
  • the b.itmap certificate
  • Lunch and beverages during breaks

Participants agree to our Proofreading course:

  • A rather “dry” topic conveyed in a lively manner.
  • Very good awareness of possible sources of error that can be used in practice.
  • I was enthusiastic about the auxiliary and illustrative material and the practical exercises at the seminar.
  • Sympathetic interaction; surprising elements; nice ideas to get the participants to participate, lots of new insights.
  • Raising awareness of common problems in everyday life. Awareness of linear workflows.
  • There were enough opportunities to work on topics independently. The selected examples were very practice-oriented and raised awareness of other topics or points that had previously received little or no consideration.
  • The documents were well prepared and can be used by me.
  • The content was flexibly adapted to the needs of the group
  • practical with good tips
  • Very practice-oriented, clear, competent, nice trainer
  • unimagined possibilities that make everyday life easier
  • I can now structure my work / processes better and involve the employees accordingly.
  • Very nicely designed learning environment
  • excellent professional and didactic preparation
  • very good, very clear, easy to understand, especially the teaching materials will help me a lot
  • I particularly liked that:
    • Recognize your own reading type + weaknesses in proofreading
    • the own exercises and the detailed reworking of the results
    • de type of instructor to get the content across
    • the exercises where you could test your knowledge once.
    • ... to find out what influence the environment has on quality
    • the division into attention, reading and error types and possible countermeasures and tips; likewise the workplace design instructions
    • Structured approach, reading types
  • Course structure and didactic skills of the trainer:
    • very stringent and structured
    • * * * * * (5 out of 5 stars)
    • very good, factual and understandable
  • Your comment on the trainer and the course:
    • I really liked a well-mixed group from different disciplines, the competent approach and the practical and relaxed nature of the trainer
    • pleasant, practical, well thought out, lots of material to take away
    • very committed, technically competent, well prepared
    • guided through the seminar with expertise and humor
    • helpful and understandable




Dates, prices and registration

16.06. – 17.06.2021

Wed + Thu
2 days 1st day: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., 2nd day 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


970,00 €

plus VAT = € 1,154.30 incl.VAT


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