Who is ruining your BTS bias list

How do you deal with hate against BTS / K-Pop?

Hey guys,

I've always made up my mind to be a bit up-to-date when it comes to trends, to keep myself informed and to form my own opinion. This time it was about BTS, I have a few questions about that.

1. What does A.R.M.Y. stand for?

According to Google, it stands for “Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.” But what does M.C mean?

2. Where do the band members' nicknames come from?

This applies particularly to J-Hope, V, and Suga. Do they have a deeper meaning or are they simply given by themselves?

3. Why are there other nicknames, especially in fan videos, and where do they come from?

I noticed Mochi for Jimin, Hobi for J-Hope (?) And world wide handsome for Jin (?). I find the last one particularly amusing because it seems to get that out in every interview. :)

4. Why is it often used in videos when it means more members Hyungs written?

As far as I know, only one of the people, Taehyung, has that in his name.

5. Where does this "I purple you" come from?

That makes absolutely no sense to me.

6. What do the fans always sing in live shows?

In live shows you can usually hear fan singing at the beginning of the songs. And that while the boys are not singing. And it sounds uniform. In music videos there is nothing there either. So what is always being sung there? I think it's impressive that the fans get a uniform singing before almost every song, but unfortunately I don't understand what is being sung.

7. Why do so many fans think they are gay and "ship" people to each other?

I checked out the official music videos, the choreography videos, and the fan compilations. At least a small selection. I only see a deep friendship among the guys in these videos. But they probably sit on top of each other 24/7 (not literally). Doesn't mean that it makes them homosexual. It's bromance.

8. What kind of flares are they at concerts?

And finally.

9. Have BTS disbanded yet?

By the way, I noticed that the topic was coming up and tears were flowing. Something to do with Korean military duty (?). Or are further tours planned.


My conclusion for everyone who is interested:

I don't think BTS is particularly bad, but neither is it outstandingly good. Musically it doesn't suit my taste, but some melodies stick in my head. I especially liked the fan cuts and seeing how they treat each other. They seem to like each other very much and have a lot of fun. The choreographies are impressive. And to be able to remember this for each song, all the more.

Somehow idols are just the Asian Backstreet Boys :) (Hate incoming), which is not meant badly, because they are still famous and after such a long time have many fans who spent their youth with the boy band.


Thanks to all insiders who took the time to answer the possibly unnecessary questions!