Is there an online fitness trainer certificate

Where can I get an industry-recognized fitness trainer license?

Fitness trainers are competent contacts on the training area. In addition, they are course instructors, consultants and companions for people interested in sports with a wide range of demands and physical requirements. So that they can master their responsible tasks professionally, they need one well-founded and recognized training. Because of this, anyone seriously looking to break into the fitness industry today needs one Fitness trainer license But to what extent are the fitness trainer B license, the fitness trainer A license and the degrees of the various special courses and advanced training of the Academy of Sports recognized by potential employers at home and abroad? What is the value of your certificate in the fitness industry and which qualifications will really help you move up the career ladder?


Does the Academy of Sports fitness trainer license meet the quality standard customary in the industry?

Depending on the orientation of your training, the classification of your trainer license and your previous education, your future areas of employment and thus your employers can differ considerably from each other. While the fitness trainer B license, for example, focuses heavily on the fitness area, the A license sets other priorities in connection with training in health and preventive sports. You may have acquired the basics of business administration during your distance learning course at the Academy of Sports, or you may have completed training as a personal trainer in order to become self-employed later.

It doesn't matter which one Fitness trainer licenseWhich certificates and degrees you now have: You have invested a lot of energy in your training, completed phases of attendance, wrote homework and passed exams. With this you have proven your theoretical and practical knowledge and officially approved by the state central office for distance learning (ZFU) Passed through tested and certified quality standards. This standard is a system and process-oriented approach for tested quality and its continuous improvement. All speakers, trainers, all teaching materials, lesson structures, teaching content and work processes are subject to this system at the AoS. This is how the Academy of Sports ensures that you and your Fitness trainer license Be able to work part-time or full-time as a fitness trainer throughout Germany without restrictions.


Does your fitness trainer license have state recognition?

The state approval of distance learning courses must not be confused with state recognition of vocational training or a degree. State-recognized professional qualifications require training including examinations at a state educational institution. For example, the physiotherapist, the medical lifeguard and the gymnastics teacher are among the training professions with state recognition. Unfortunately, there is no state-approved fitness trainer in Germany. The state recognition of the fitness trainer license relates to the Academy of Sports as an instructor and to the training itself, which thus achieves an industry-recognized seal of quality. After successful completion, you will receive a certificate that is recognized in fitness facilities as well as by numerous associations and institutions.

Danger! Whether level C, B or A: Your fitness trainer license is valid for an unlimited period! In your own interest, however, you should train yourself regularly and keep your knowledge up to date with the latest scientific standards.


Fitness Instructor License from the Academy of Sports versus unprotected professional title

As soon as there are no clear legal provisions, the market regulates itself. Experience shows that you will only be accepted as a fitness trainer if you have one Fitness trainer license can provide evidence that matches the current job profile. With this proof you clarify your knowledge and skills. If you have obtained the fitness trainer B or A license, you can acquire numerous other qualifications at the Academy of Sports, such as a medical specialist trainer or personal trainer. All qualifications offered are also recognized throughout the industry in Germany.


To what extent is an AoS fitness trainer license recognized abroad?

Unfortunately, there is no uniform recognition of fitness trainer licenses abroad. This means that, unlike a driver's license, for example, licenses and certificates are not adopted one-to-one in Europe or anywhere else in the world. However, the licenses of the Academy of Sports enjoy high international acceptance. This trust results from the high quality of training, proof of the skills acquired by means of certificates and the fact that the training content is based on internationally established and comparable quality levels. The employer abroad gains a good overview of your skills and competencies in the application process based on your certificate. Ultimately, it is then up to the foreign employer to recognize your qualification. Many graduates of the Academy of Sports are extremely successful with their certificates abroad. If you are aiming for a job outside of Germany and want to be on the safe side, it is best to clarify the recognition of your fitness trainer license beforehand.


What about the recognition of the fitness trainer license by the health insurance companies?

The goals of the statutory health insurance companies are to improve the health of the insured and to prevent impairments in good time. Later restrictions and the associated costly treatments should be avoided as far as possible. This statement applies to all those with statutory health insurance, regardless of age, gender or social origin. The target group for preventive sports measures are those with statutory health insurance who do not yet have any illnesses that require treatment, but who suffer from one-sided physical stress or lack of exercise. According to the legislature, every insured person has been entitled to a subsidy for prevention courses and other primary preventive services in accordance with Section 20 SGB V for several years. There is a Prevention Guide for this purpose, which precisely regulates the recognition of relevant certifications.

With a fitness trainer license alone, billing with the statutory health insurance is only possible in exceptional cases. In order to prove the quality of the offer to the health insurance companies, the course instructors need approved basic training. For example, a sports scientist or a physiotherapist can use his fitness trainer license to settle accounts with the health insurance companies if his prevention courses have passed the approval process of the Central Testing Center for Prevention in accordance with Section 20 and are certified accordingly. There is an extensive catalog of measures for this, which is available from the Central Testing Office for Prevention.


Does the German Disabled Sports Association recognize the fitness trainer license of the Academy of Sports?

Prequalified trainers with a fitness trainer license A automatically have the admission requirement for a special course of the German Disabled Sports Association (DBS). There they can qualify as a trainer for rehabilitation sports. This means: With a fitness trainer A license you can, for example, take part in a compact course in which you acquire the trainer license B rehabilitation sport orthopedics. You can obtain further information on all courses and licensing provisions from the DBS Academy and the relevant regional and professional associations.


To what extent is the fitness trainer license recognized by clubs or associations?

There is no clear answer to this question. As a rule, each association determines which degrees and licenses it recognizes and which not. Especially in the field of popular sports, the basic requirements for a coaching activity vary greatly. Some clubs and associations require a so-called advanced qualification in addition to the fitness trainer license. If you are interested in an activity in the association, you should contact the responsible person in advance and clarify all open questions.


Do other educational institutions recognize a fitness trainer license from the Academy of Sports?

As a rule, educational institutions recognize the qualifications of other providers, provided that the content of the third-party provider matches their own. Experience has shown that a fitness trainer license or other qualification acquired at the Academy of Sports can be recognized by most other trainers without any problems. Your certificate then serves as proof of qualification and forms the basis for further training. If you are interested in a training or further education measure that the Academy of Sports does not offer, you should contact the relevant market competitor and present your request.