When is deer hunting season in Texas

Pig hunting

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Texas is considered one of the top US states for pig hunting, as the local population estimates up to 1.5 million pigs. They like to say the state is losing the war on wild boars, so encourage the hunters to go for them all year round. However, there aren't many ways to do this in the public domain. About 97% of Texas is privately owned. Anyway, there is a decent choice of reasonably priced guided pig hunts. One of the options is Ox Hunting Ranch which offers some of the best pig hunting packages in the state. Other good options include Callahagn Ranch, Langley Ranch, and Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department also has a public hunting program that includes deer, antelope, wild boar, turkey, alligator, and other wildlife hunting opportunities in the wildlife areas and state parks.

Anyone planning to hunt in Texas should know local laws and regulations and obtain a valid hunting license. Texas does not enforce bag limits or seasons of the year when hunting for wild boar, but a few things still need to be considered. Most importantly, it is illegal to hunt a pig without a license. Hog can be found in drier or semi-arid parts of the state - the South Texas Brush Country, the desert grasslands of the Trans-Pecos, and the oak juniper forests of the Edwards Plateau.

Since Javelinas have poor eyesight and not the best hearing, sometimes it cannot be found too far from humans. The Javelina is a nocturnal animal during the hot season, but it is active during the day in winter. The best time to hunt Javelina is from mid-January to March.