Paid ads help search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO means optimizing your own website content to rank higher for relevant terms in the results of search engines like Google. As part of search engine marketing, SEO is the counterpart to the placement of paid ads in the search results list (-> SEA). At least when it comes to searches for your company's core services, the goal is to be placed high on Google and Co. in the long term, unpaid. We develop an SEO strategy with you, implement measures and look after your company for long-term ranking success.

Our SEO services

Last but not least, some technical aspects are critical for SEO success: starting with an encrypted URL (https), via meta information on all pages to optimized alternative texts for the media integrated on the website. The key to success, however, is relevant content. Current content, target group-specific content. Content that attracts attention. After all, Google knows how long users spend on the website after a search query and how they interact with it. And if the balance is positive, it will be rewarded.

Your SEO strategy

What is so often true is even more true with SEO: many roads lead to Rome and causal relationships are not always clear. We will show you what you cannot do without in search engine optimization. At the same time, we will discuss with you which of the many possible SEO measures fit into the overall strategy of your company. SEO is a long-term project and we are your partner - in implementation as well as in monitoring.

SEO workshop

Measures that contribute to the success in the organic ranking are often closely interlinked with other areas of the company. Landing pages or blog articles optimized for individual terms, for example, are much more than wooing Google's favor. Ultimately, your aim is to reach more website visitors, to inspire them and to win them over as customers. The obvious thing to do is to train your own employees in SEO matters too. The ideal starting point for this? A -> SEO workshop with a bright spot - tailored to you.