What is included in a car detailing

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Auto Detailers provide auto interior and exterior cleaning services that meet company or customer specifications. They do everything from simple washing and vacuuming to more intensive cleaning jobs, including cleaning the interior and applying wax, polish or sealers. However, since professional services are associated with high costs, you will find a large number of different products in our online shop with which you can become a detailer of your vehicle yourself.

Exterior cleaning of the car

Car or car detail means that a vehicle is "cleaned in detail" or restored to give it a better shine. This also protects paintwork and other auto parts from UV rays and contamination. When a car owner decides to do a detailed cleaning of their vehicle, they follow a general guideline. The first step is cleaning the outside of the vehicle. This ensures that all of the dirt, debris, road grime and other particles are removed from the vehicle. Most car owners use microfiber towels, a wash mitt, and car wash soaps to prevent scratches. You can find this and more in the online shop.

While a car wash is important for removing dirt, detailing the car requires protecting the paintwork and other external components. Many detailers apply car wax, paint seals or ceramic coatings. Other outer parts, such as tires, are provided with a tire bandage. Many people also use a glass cleaner to clean the car glass.

Cleaning the interior

Once the exterior details of the vehicle are cleaned, most detailers begin cleaning the interior. Most of the time cleaning the interior involves vacuuming, removing the trash, and removing debris from leather, vinyl, or plastic parts. The products for indoor use vary depending on the vehicle owner. Most of the time, the detailer buys treatment products that are designed for specific materials to improve the shine and protect the materials. Auto detailing can be done by DIY enthusiasts using a detailing kit or custom auto cleaning products. Many car owners believe that replacing their air fresheners or spraying a glossy tire is all you need to do to add more detail to the car. Some buy expensive cleaning equipment, high-quality brushes, buckets, and a pressure washer; regardless of which products you choose, the best tend to require a lot of hard work, patience, and the use of the right materials and techniques.

Choose the right products

Vehicle details are all about maintaining the high quality of your vehicle through a series of coordinated activities specifically aimed at cleaning, restoring and refining your car. More importantly, however, vehicle details have become a very important aspect of basic vehicle maintenance these days, saving you hundreds of dollars in costly repairs caused by dirt and debris that may have built up in the various components of your vehicle. Since vehicle details usually include the cleaning and restoration of your vehicle in the highest quality, you do not need a professional to do this for you. All you need is a few accessories to be an automatic detailing tool and a basic understanding of how to use them. The use of sponges to clean the outside of your car is controversial. Because of its absorption properties, a sponge is great for spreading the foam over the surface of your car. Since the main problem is the small swirl marks and light scratches that can be left on surfaces, you should apply these to parts of your car that don't scratch easily. For the more delicate parts, towels, especially microfiber, offer a much better solution.

Tips for thorough cleaning and care

Cleaning and maintaining a car in detail isn't a particularly difficult or technical task, but even just washing it can do more harm than good if you follow the wrong procedures or use the wrong products. Because of this, there are some rules to be followed. For example, do not wash your car in direct sunlight. Heat will speed up the drying of soap and water, causing streaks and water marks. In addition, cross-contamination should also be prevented. It occurs when washing a car when the same materials are used for all washing activities. Therefore, do not use the same items (towels, brushes, buckets, water, etc.) for multiple purposes. You don't want to move the contaminants from one place to another. This is particularly important in areas of the vehicle that are particularly dirty, such as rims, wheel arches or lower panels.


Cleaning the car often feels like a chore. In addition, there is the laborious search for the right products. But remember: getting the detailing right is as much about protecting your car as it is about giving it a long-lasting shine or matte finish. Planning trips to the car wash or learning the correct hand washing technique are great tips - but getting the detailing right goes much further. With us you will find all products including accessories that are important and necessary for a thorough cleaning of the entire vehicle. Just have a look around in the shop.