How can I use dictionaries

Doubt the spelling?

Do you sometimes doubt the spelling of your words?

Take advantage of these doubts! Use the dictionary! Often you don't look it up because you find it awkward. But the more you do this, the faster the work is done and you will be happy that your texts will have fewer errors in the long run.

If you can look up the dictionary correctly, you have advantages when writing and correcting your texts because you can help yourself independently.

What you have learned by looking up can also be used when searching in encyclopedias, telephone books, etc.

Dictionaries are after ABC in order so that you can find the words and their explanations quickly.
In the dictionary you will mainly find word explanations and example sentences.

There are different dictionaries that you can use when reading and writing:

  • Spelling dictionary
  • Dictionary of synonyms
  • Foreign dictionary
  • Sayings dictionary

The index

You can look it up Keyword index use.
Here the words are sorted alphabetically.

All keywords are entered in their basic form:

  • Verbs in the infinitive ( he carriedwear )
  • noun in the Nominative singular ( PizzasPizza )
  • Adjectives in your Elementary level ( preferablyWell )

For compound nouns, look up the individual nouns. (Apartment advertisement: flat + display)

Information on the words

In addition to the correct spelling of a word, you also get additional Information about the word like:

  • origin
  • pronunciation
  • different spelling variants
  • Hyphenation options
  • Plural formation etc.

kapiert.decan do more:

  • interactive exercises
    and tests
  • individual classwork trainer
  • Learning manager


Here is the dictionary entry for the word "Spaghetti" from the DUDEN:

This is how you work with the dictionary

  1. Pay attention to that alphabet and the Order of words:
    Words are arranged in alphabetical order: Brook faces Badger den.

  2. Orientate yourself to the Page guide words:
    Page reference words help you look it up. In most dictionaries, the top left is the first word the page begins with and the top right is the last word the page ends.

  3. If you can't find a word, think about how to find it still write could:
    ? maybe: You will not find the word under F, so search under V.