Why can't I hear from far away

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> "There was a path, the left side of which was a fence
> was lined, a steel fence, which from afar / far
> looked like a row of ugly bones. "

The "upscale" adverb "weither" is listed in the Duden:


Duden information:
from far away

the marble for the temple had to be fetched from far away

(End of the Duden information)

Since the meaning of this "upscale" adverb "of far away ”, this“ upscale ”adverb probably doesn't fit into your sentence, where the word“ far away ”is already in front of the word“ far away ”.of" stands. I would therefore rather write “far away” in your sentence separately.



However, if you read through the examples in dwds, I don't know whether my reasoning is conclusive:


⟨From far⟩ from a great distance
her words sounded like from far away
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You don't need the scrap either from far away pick up.
Die Zeit, November 3rd, 1989, No. 45
The chickens hear the calls, see the feed from far away.
Hahn, Christian Diederich: Farmer's wisdom under the microscope, Oldenburg i.O .: Stalling 1943 [1939], p. 156
But then just rustled from far away the big city like a very distant sea.
Bodenreuth, Friedrich [i.e. Jaksch, Friedrich]: All the waters of Bohemia flow to Germany, Berlin: Book Guild Gutenberg 1938 [1937], p. 51
He has her from far away have to get and is not here yet.
Letter from Ernst G. to Irene G. dated February 8, 1945, Feldpost-Archiv mkb-fp-0270
From far away he thought he heard a whistle, which must be roaring loud where it was created.
Glavinic, Thomas: Die Arbeit der Nacht, Munich Vienna: Carl Hanser Verlag 2006, p. 84



Article reference Output article as PDF (test version) WEITHER, adv., Temporally: (in a story from earlier times; we hear our name)
called softly with tears by the far-thinking old man
Voss ged. 2, 59.

matter-of-fact: what do you do to adorn nature with widely imitative arts Sal. Geszner schr. 1, 133. younger from far away: a maid came running from far away A. v. Arnim works 8