What's going on at Factual November 2012

Istanbul November 2012

The second day began in the morning with the lectures by Prof. Dr. Kudert, Prof. Dr. Cloer and Prof. Dr. Elschner. In a three-part lecture, they gave a lecture on the different research methods in tax sciences and their current developments. Prof. Dr. Kudert went into the theoretical research approach, especially the taxographic analysis founded by Gerd Rose. Prof. Dr. Elschner reported on the empirical research approach and also provided information about the various ways in which research results can be used. Prof. Dr. Cloer emphasized the importance of legal tax research and reported on current tax law trends in a pan-European context. Following the presentations by the three experienced scientists, Stefan Trencsik (investment vehicle for real estate investments), Jens Glowienka (economic effects of add-back taxation) and Agnieszka Kopec (hybrid financing instruments for outbound investments) presented current research projects and presented their (interim) results to the audience . This then discussed the results in the usual constructive-critical manner.

After this first part of the lecture, Prof. Dr. Cloer and his colleague Annemarie Conrath organized a visit to the German Consulate General in Istanbul. Here Dr. Philipp Deichmann, permanent representative, through the premises of the historic building. In addition, Dr. Deichmann on the current political developments in Turkey and their appreciation by German foreign policy.

Following this interesting excursion, Mr. Bayraktaroglu, Tax and Legal Services Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Istanbul, gave a lecture on current developments in the Turkish economy. A special focus was on his own area of ​​activity, the supervision of larger construction projects. He also pointed out that German investors in particular are increasingly turning to the Turkish real estate market.

At the end of the day, the participants and the Turkish hosts had dinner together in a cozy atmosphere. The restaurant chosen by the hosts was not far from the 1st Bosphorus Bridge (1. Boğaziçi Köprüsü) on the western bank of the Bosphorus.

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