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Music theory book for adult students

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Jan. 21, 2007
My motivated, adult student really wants to learn the basics of music theory and has asked me, among other things, about suitable literature.
Basically, I don't know that terribly many music theory books, and certainly none that really start at zero point, but mostly the usual basis is assumed or only dealt with very briefly.
He said maybe there would be a "music theory for dummies" (there is such a book series) or something similar.
It can also be a book that I edit with him, but I think he would like to be able to understand it all himself.

He can read notes, knows the semitones of a major / minor scale, the intervals, major / minor chords; sometimes I explain a little something to him in between and often we do a little ear training at the end of the lesson.

I've never explained music theory to anyone and I'm not sure how best to do it, in what order, how exactly to explain, etc.

First of all, it's about the usual, circles of fifths, cadences and so on, if possible not just bare facts, but also connections, origins, etc.

I am grateful for suggestions!