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Group travel - the name says it all - are by definition such trips in which a closed group takes part. A special form would be e.g. B. the club trip. The travel offer is therefore primarily geared towards the interests of the group. You often have to put individual needs at the back here. A Group tour is not an individual trip or a package tour. A group traveler should always be aware of this.

While earlier the typical Group tour was a bus trip, the picture has changed. The low-cost flight offers have a clear influence here, but group travelers also often book smaller cruises.

What are the advantages of a group tour?

First there is the social aspect that should not be underestimated. When a group works, the resulting group dynamic is a great experience. Then everyone is carried away by the group. You experience a lively daily exchange. An exchange that you don't have in normal life. Another factor that should not be underestimated is the pricing of a group tour. Group trips are often a little cheaper than an individual trip. Decisive advantages result from bookings on site (visits, trips ...). Group tariffs almost always have measurable advantages. In addition, a group trip is often clearly structured from the outset. There is a program. So you hardly have to worry about anything anymore. The travel industry has long since adapted very well to group travel and accordingly offers a wide range of offers.

What are the disadvantages of a group tour?

Some of the advantages also add up to the disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages is the lack of independence. At a Group tour everything is well organized. When you travel in a group, you have relatively little personal free time. You have to know that. This is certainly nothing for individualists. You know it when groups come somewhere. The whole group even has to appear together at dinner and every table is crammed down to the last seat. But that is always a weakness of the restaurants or accommodation, because something like this can also be regulated differently. You may be able to achieve a lot here by talking to the tour guide on site.

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